Pictorial: Here are Betty Amongi’s “contested properties”

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After ignoring the first two summons to appear before the land probe commission, the minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Betty Amongi finally succumbed and faced the Catherine Bamugemereire-led commission.

During the proceeding on Tuesday, Amongi was accused by the commission of using her political influence to fraudulently acquire properties through her firm, Amobet Investments Limited.

The Nile Post tracked down some of these contentious properties.


There is an imposing structure on Plot 29, Acacia Avenue in Kololo.

Only a security person could be seen watching over the structure as she quenches her thirst. The structure  hosts Midcom and Lato milk offices.

The property on Plot 29, Acacia Avenue that houses Midcom and Lato Milk

The minister is accused of fraudulent acquisition of this property, yet it was under leasehold; number 235 Acacia Avenue registered in the names of Toshak Munubhai Patel

Still in Kololo the minister is believed to have acquired another  two buildings along Prince Charles Road on Plot 12 , but our  survey yielded no fruits.

The plot  number was suspiciously missing  along the stretch despite combing  the full length of the road.

The third property is in Bakuli, Old Kampala. It is called the Perryman building and sits on Plot 7. Its main tenant is the Refugee Law Project.

The building in Bakuli that houses the Refugee Law Project

What was common on all the disputed property-all have a shade of brown and are located in prime areas of the city.



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