Museveni extends Bamugemereire commission tenure for another 18 months

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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The commission of inquiry into land matters will now continue grilling people accused of fraudulently acquiring land in Uganda after President Museveni extended its tenure for another 18 (eighteen) months.

The Justice Catherine Bamugemereire commission was given a six month tenure in May 2017 before it expired in November for an extension of another six months that ended on Wednesday (May 9).

Betty Amongi was the hunter, now she is hunted

However, according to the lead counsel Ebert Byenkya, the president extended their tenure for the second time with effect from May 4.

“The life of the commission was extended by the president and issued a legal notice to that effect gazette on May 4 and extends the life of the commission for 18 months from the date of publication,”Byenkya told journalists.

A number of big shots in government, politicians, and businessmen have since its inception fell prey to the commission and grilled over their role in the fraudulent acquisition of land , the latest being the Lands minister Betty Amongi.

Early this week, the commission accused Amongi of influence peddling and conflict of interest when she used her position as a minister and a member of the departed Asians custodian board to enable her company Amobet to acquire a number of properties belonging to the departed Indians.

The Accused Deserve Fair Hearing at the Bamugemereire Commission

When asked to comment about the decision to extend them more time, Byenkya said the commission will continue with their business as usual to inquire into matters they were asked to do.

“We will continue to travel around the country to cover more geographical territory as well as finish all the matters and make the final report,” he said.

Asked whether the 18 month period is not to long for the commission, the lead counsel said in case they finish before the time elapses, they will to make a report and hand it over the president.

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