Never take my body to parliament- Nyekon

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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Former President Apollo Milton Obote’s cousin, Akbar Adoko Nyekon passed on Friday afternoon following a spine problem.

The former Minister, legislator, FUFA chairman, and managing director of Uganda Airlines passed on aged 87 and bitter with the National Resistance Movement.

In an interview with Nile Post’s Joseph Sabiti last year, Nyekon spat venom and lashed out to President Museveni, the NRM and parliament at large.

The former legislator rebuked the systems for adamantly holding his pension despite serving the country in various capacities including Member of Parliament for 18 years.

“I have got nothing from this parliament despite my years of service as member of parliament and minister. I don’t get a single shilling from this government, actually I am only surviving because of my knowledge in economics and business,” Nyekon said.

“Some of my colleagues have died under terrible conditions and all the government has done is take their body to parliament for honors. I decree, nobody should take my body to parliament if I die,” he added.

Nyekon also warned Members of parliament and President Museveni against amending the age limit cap, saying it would plunge the nation into untold turmoil.

“The most important thing is that the state should remain stable. It is my prayer that we shouldn’t go back to blood shed… that we should not repeat the mistakes that we the Obotes , the Nekyons have made,” Nekyon said.

He said the Constitution should be a respected document and should not be amended on the whims of a single individual.

“If you are going to visit a constitution every other week, its better not to have a constitution. We took over the British system of governance and the British do not have a written constitution. It is only in the minds of people but that constitution is more stable than ours,” Nekyon said.

Nekyon had a personal history with President Museveni.

In 1970 when Museveni was fresh from university, it is Nekyon who introduced him to Obote and helped find him a job as a research assistant in the President’s Office.

Nekyon proposed a return to the parliamentary system of government in which the party with the majority in parliament elects the country’s leader.

He argued that the system ensures that power is invested in institutions rather than an individual and also renders the age limit and term limit debate useless because the parties and parliament are able to sort out leadership issues.

Nekyon said the current presidential system has commercialised politics with huge sums of money spent during presidential campaigns.

Commenting on the proposal to amend article 26 and allow government to compulsorily acquire land before compensation, Nekyon said: “The motion that land belongs to the people was moved by me in the Constituent Assembly, I should be the saddest person to see some trying to remove that provision.”

He said the country should to interrogate the cause of lack of mistrust in the state that appears to be a recent trend and has led people to resist government projects.

Don’t plunge country into chaos, Obote’s cousin warns Museveni

Funeral arrangements for Nyekon

Saturday 9:00am, Prayers for the body of Nyekon at Gaddafi Mosque Old Kampala. There after Casket will be driven to Kokolo Airstrip by About 10.30 am and delivered to Chegere, Apac by Air. It is important to note that due to his Religious Faith burial will take place today at 2pm at their home at Apoki , Chegere Apac in the Lango Sub Region.









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