Five relationship lessons you can learn from the effectiveness of great leaders

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Many of us are failing in our love lives because we are busy trying to save the world, building careers and feeling so successful. No matter how great you become, “Every one falls in love some time.

I don’t know about you but it aint a crime…,” said Tanto Metro and Devonte in their song Every one falls in love.  

Yes, apart from air, water and food, the other basic need is love; let’s take some lessons from politics and business, things you perhaps value more than your heart.

What it takes to effectively succeed at those might just be all you need to thrive in your matters of the heart department. I hope these five tips can push you out of comfort zone;

Get advisors

Every president has advisors on different matters, trade, health and security, name it. Your relationship needs them too, people who will guide and counsel you on different marriage issues.

However, choose your confidants wisely. Don’t just choose titles or face value, even with religious leaders, my Pastor Simon Opata says, “Some Pastors have become Rastas, you will think they are high on weed when they start preaching about your personal problem that you shared with them confidentiality.”


Governments call them spies. Their reports shape foreign policy and are used to make major decisions internally, that’s why they are everywhere. But Information isn’t only key in political decision making; it’s also important relationship wise.

I am not encouraging you to spy on your partner but it’s necessary sometimes before you conclude on rumours or suspicions.  If you are searching for a marriage partner, also use them for background checks. Yet again, be careful as some might be exaggerated or negative out of malice.

Good friends

Governments value great international relations for a reason, most important to note peace. For our relationships to remain peaceful, we also need great friends.

People that will speak well of you to your partner in your absence, not the kind that will want your man or woman for themselves, the kind that will advise you rightfully to save your marriage from divorce and celebrate your mile stones with you.


The people that have gone before you on something are the best people to ask for guidance. That’s why all great leaders have mentors and also mentor others.

Bill Gates was mentored by Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs. In the love department, a good mentor should be some one that has tested the fire too. Just because you’re best friends, don’t expect Jane the virgin to help your bedroom matters.

Even if she wanted to, she wouldn’t know how to help. Find a preferably older couple than you, a couple you click with but at the same time inspires you, and most importantly won’t judge you to work with.


One of the most admired leaders globally Pope Francis closes every speech and prayer with the words, “Please pray for me.”

Yes great leaders also need prayers and pray to relieve stress, access God’s power and for wisdom, exactly what any health marriage or relationship requires. So as you pray for your business deals to succeed, do pray for your relationship and your partner. “God’s commands are designed to guide you to life’s very best.” Dale Roach.