Report: “NGOs at risk of being financed by terrorists”

Nassali Fatiah

Nassali Fatiah

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A 2017 report by the Financial Intelligence Authority indicates that non-governmental organisations are at a high risk of being funded by terrorists.

This was emphasised by Alupot –Tukei Michael, the deputy executive director, Financial Intelligence Authority while launching the report last week.

Non Government Organisations operating in Uganda heavily rely on donor funding, mainly from the West.

The funders mainly include individual donors and foundations that support different interventions in developing
countries where access to finances is still a challenge.

“NGO risk being targeted by terror groups that can use their desperate need for finances to support their good cause in communities. Terrorists have very strong sources of finance and support a number of NGOs,” he said.

According to Alupot said the desperate need for finances make them vulnerable to terrorism financing.

“NGOs need to understand their funders properly if not Uganda is stands at a risk of being infiltrated by terrorists” Alupot said.

Alupot said Uganda’s presence in Somalia, is forcing these illegal group to find their way in Uganda as well.

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