Why your belly is enlarging

Namajja Irene

Namajja Irene

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Though the question of belly fat has been discussed openly in light of its ugliness and discomfort, this is usually only to the extent that it is a subject of looks and feelings.

There is however need to understand belly fat as a concept of health and fitness.

Though latest trends are encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to exercise self love, you need to know that regardless of size accumulation of belly fat maybe an indication of particular behavioral partners that are affecting your health directly.

To draw an appropriate picture of what facts maybe underlying belly fat, I have done some reading and here are some of the listed reasons as to why your belly maybe enlarging a little or even way beyond other parts.


Sugary foods

From the two to four tea spoons at breakfast, to muffins and sweets at break, to sweet desserts and sweetened drinks at lunch, many times we take in way more sugar than we ever anticipate.

It is this sweet addiction that in the long run maybe accumulating into masses of weight which is inclusive of belly fat.

Different studies have associated high sugar take to a reduction in insulin sensitivity and increase in belly fat.

Not solid foods alone but sweetened drinks even worse. This is because processed drinks like sodas when consumed combine large amounts of sugar which are often taken in single or even multiple consumptions



Stress eating is a common phrase

Many people are trying everything they can to control belly fat all in vain, the middle section is still threateningly widening more than the hips. Then the major cause of the belly fat accumulation maybe stress and not what you trying to address.

Stress is said to trigger belly fat in both underweight and overweight people especially women.

Stress unlike food calories which yield excess fat, triggers hormones which influence storage of excess fat in the central areas.

The cortisol aka stress hormone is produced by the adrenal glands as a response to stress.

But when released into the body in large amounts it triggers over-eating which could result to belly fat.

Studies have revealed that most women who have a higher waist to hip ratio have been found with high amounts of the stress hormone.


Little sleep

Inadequate sleep like stress is another undermined cause linked to weight gain which may partially be your reason for belly fat.

A study of women over years revealed that those with sleeping disorders such as short or poor quality sleep such as apnea had more abdominal fat.

Excess alcohol consumption

Though its often said that in minimal amounts red wine may reduce the risk of heart attacks, unregulated amounts of alcohol can trigger belly fat accumulation, the reason for the common term of ‘beer belly’.

Studies reveal that not beer alone but any kind of alcohol in large amounts leads to accumulation of fat in the middle section of the body especially among men because it suppresses fat burning and in itself contains calories which accumulate excess fat which is stored in the belly.

Physical inactivity

Not a contributor to poor health alone in both women and men but lack of physical activeness is also an accumulator of the largely detested belly fat.

Which indicates that even after weight loss bodies have to be kept regularly active to avoid regain and accumulation of belly fat.


Among women belly fat after menopause is common place. Though some may gain more fat than others, at this stage women experience reduction in estrogen levels which lets fat storage to the belly instead of the hips and thighs where the estrogen signals them at puberty.

Low fiber and protein diets

Protein and fibre diets make you feel satisfied a little longer hence reducing on your unnecessary food consumption and stabilising hunger while curbing calorie absorption from food which reduces belly fat accumulation.

Also listed among other causes are issues relating to genetics, hormonal imbalance, imbalance in gut bacteria and other nutritional deficiencies.


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