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EDDY ENURU                                

As away of addressing the challenges faced by rural women, the Voucher Plus Health initiative was introduced in Soroti district.

Women now have a sigh of relief, as they are in position to access affordable health services during pregnancy and delivery.

Access to medical services, is still a big challenge in most rural areas, where a number of mother and children have died due to lack of access to medical care.

In Soroti district, the situation was not any different. Here, mothers could trek kilometers but still with no hope being attended to since they did not have money to meet their medical bills.

Jessica Akol a mother of four is one of those who used to struggle to access medical services.

But in 2017, Akol joined voucher plus, a health insurance scheme that allow women in the countryside to access medical services at an affordable rate. Maternal mortality cases were as well high.

Irene Anyabo is another resident from Omodi Asuret Sub County in Soroti district who says she no longer suffers incase of any illness.

Voucher Plus is USAID project helping poor mothers to access a range of health services and reduce maternal death.

The card gives woman access to all free antenatal services, HIV/AIDS screening, safe delivery emergency transport, post-natal care and family care.

Anthony Ojobi the in charge Obule health centre II in Asuret sub county Soroti district, says the services are now nearer to the community.

Martine Amodoi the health officer at Soroti district says the programs enables rural women to live a meaningful life.

Amodoi rubbished claims that some community member are de-campaigning the project that is benefiting thousands of mothers in Soroti district.

Voucher plus cards are bought at Shs 4000 in all the district of northern and Teso sub region.





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