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Acquiring success is easy, but maintaining it is very challenging. Many authors and speakers have attempted to spell out ways of attaining success with a few giving out tips and tricks on maintaining it. As a result, most people have failed to uphold fulfilling lives due to lack of success-maintenance tips.

They thought that having attained the height of success, they would never fall. That’s why we have seen some people start out very strongly only to watch them fall in a short while. Yet others have lived a steady successful life. But like the latter group, you too can have a long lasting, fulfilled life if you apply the following;

Keep doing what you’re doing

The actions that carry you from failure to the peak of success are the very same actions that will keep you there. This will only be possible if you keep doing them. Once you start to taste success, it’s common for you to stop doing the things that got you there.

You stop practicing good habits and making those seemingly insignificant choices that pushed you forward on a daily basis. So be mindful of the things that took you to the top and consistently work on them so that you don’t slip off and fall. This is the biggest secret that will keep you on the peak of victory.

Celebrate Progress

It’s the small steps toward progress that make the biggest difference if maintained. Research from Harvard University Business School discovered that recognizing your small progress every day is the key to productivity and happiness.

Therefore always reward yourself in ways that further your goals so that you are kept motivated to push on. For example, if you are trying to cut weight, instead of rewarding yourself with ice cream that contributes to weight gain, go for a massage.

Keep a “DID IT” list

This is the opposite of a to-do list. Though most people use to-do lists, they never keep a history of accomplished tasks. Research has proved that seeing your progress and how much you have completed will inspire you to keep on.

This is because it helps you to track your progress so that you are not just caught in the celebrating mood that you forget about your vision or dream. Once you create this list, keep it in a visible place like your desk or refrigerator.

Maintain your personal brand

Just as a brand contributes to a product’s demand, a personal brand is the major contributor to your personal success. Therefore dropping the kind of brand that made you successful will automatically bring you back to the starting point.

This includes your dress code, your speech, what you post on social media and the like. So keep in check the kind of life you live to see whether it portrays the kind of brand you would like people out there to see.

Remember that maintaining a personal brand enables you to keep on the same level of success.

Moving forward, keep in mind that success is only temporary if just nurtured but never ‘watered’. So embrace these ideas to see that you have a lasting successful life, one that will give you long-term contentment.

The writer is a statistician and writer at Success Africa


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