Uganda Government, Pakistan commission have no mandate to determine my consul status- Angella Katatumba

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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Singer and daughter to the late Pakistan consul Bonny Katatumba, Angela Katatumba has rubbished a letter by the Pakistan Consulate in Nairobi disowning her as the Pakistan Consul in Uganda.

Angela Katatumba, who took over office following the death of her father, says it’s only the Pakistan President Manoon Hussain who can throw her out of office.

“I am acting until the president of Pakistan decides to throw me out or endorse my consul status,” Katatumba said.

On Sunday, a letter dated March 28, 2018, believed to be from the Pakistan High Commission in Nairobi and addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Uganda circulated on social media sites disowning Katatumba as the country’s consul to Uganda, a title held by her dad, late Boney Mwebesa Katatumba.

The Ugandan government through the ministry of foreign affairs would also later disown Katatumba citing no receipt of notification regarding her appointment.

“Following the death of Mr Boney Katatumba, we received no notification from the appointing authority in Pakistan about who would replace him as their representative, thereby rendering the Consulate closed,” MoFA said.

However, while speaking to Nile Post yesterday, Katatumba insisted the Pakistan commission in Nairobi and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uganda have no authority over the consulate.

“I addressed the Pakisatan community last month with the state minister Okello Oryem present, no one said anything, meaning MoFA has no mandate in this,” she said.

“Actually Pakistanis still line up here to access services, if I was operating illegally, the government of Pakistan would not be receiving documents from here, but they do,” she added.

Katatumba accuses the Pakistan commission in Nairobi of fighting her father and herself since their appointment. She says that the commission hates the fact that the consulate is being run by Christians.

“They have been fighting us since my father’s appointment, the embassy tried to appoint a Pakistani national here in Uganda but failed, they don’t like the fact that Christians are running the consulate,” she said.

We don’t know Angella Katatumba as Pakistan Consul- Uganda and Pakistan governments

On whether she feels entitled to the position simply because her father was consulate, Katatumba dismissed claims, saying that the position is not hereditary as people are claiming.

Katatumba was appointed deputy consul privately by her father, she says this was mere “luck”.

“I also had to go to Nairobi and apply to them to endorse me in the position, “ she said.


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