Muslim cleric’s bail hearing flops

Namajja Irene

Namajja Irene

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Hearing of a bail application by Sheikh Siraje Kawooya, one of those who were convicted with terrorism in relation to killings of Muslim clerics has flopped after state informed court they were not ready.

Sheikh Kawooya applied to be released on bail pending hearing of his appeal against a terrorism conviction that left him jailed for life.

Christopher Madrama the pending judge adjourned the hearing to Friday 27th to allow the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions file a response to the application on grounds that they were served very late.

Sheikh Siraje Kawooya was produced at the court of appeal before justice Christopher Madrama for hearing of a bail application that he filed in October last year.

However, the hearing did not proceed after his lawyer Friday Kagooro informed court that that there was no state response to the application on record.

State represented by senior state attorney Lillian Omara requested for an adjournment saying they were served late and hence needed more time to file their response.

To the effect the presiding judge Christopher Madrama ruled; “The application for an adjournment to enable the DPP who was served on Friday put in a reply is allowed. This application is accordingly adjourned to 27th April 2018 at 9:30.”

Sheikh Kawooya’s lawyer also applied for an amendment of his application after some of the grounds of application had been over taken by events.

“By the time we filed for bail, prosecutors were on strike so we want to change the grounds that position so that the court record captures the current situation,”Kagoro said.

In august 2017, the International Crimes Division of the High Court convicted and sentenced to life sheikh Siraje Kawooya alongside former Tabliq sect leader and other sheikhs after they were found guilty of terrorism in connection to the killings of various Muslim clerics.

In October 2017 sheikh Kawooya applied to be released on bail so that he can attend his appeal against the sentence while coming from home.

Former tabliq sect leader sheikh yunus kamoga will also be appearing at the court of appeal on Wednesday this week for hearing of his bail application under related circumstances.



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