Police issues strict orders to commanders on camouflage uniforms

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Police has issued strict orders to its commanders on the members of the public who use and sell camouflage uniforms.

On many occasions, civilians, most especially musicians are fond of donning camouflage, especially military replica and move freely.

In a message to by the Director in charge of Operations in the Uganda Police Force AIGP Asuman Mugenyi , all Regional Police Commanders, District Police Commanders, Officers in Charge of Police Stations and all unit commanders to step up against those fond of donning camouflage uniforms because they have increased among the public.

“Most of the owners use the uniforms or similar clothes to perpetrate crime. Quite often the unsuspecting public believe that the perpetrators of these crimes are security personnel especially the military,”Mugenyi says in a directive to police commanders dated April 6.

On many occasions, members of the public have reported cases of robbery and other forms of criminality by people dressed in military uniform and according to police, most of these are not soldiers by civilians donning camouflage uniforms to disguise as military to commit crimes.

The Police director in the message also orders his commanders to work hand in hand with the district security committees and also use appropriate measures to ensure the camouflage clothing are confiscated from members of the public in their respective areas of responsibility.

“Have measures put in place to stop the sale of such clothes to the public as second hand.”

When contacted for a comment, army spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire also warned the members of public against donning military camouflage.

“No unauthorised person should put on UPDF camouflage uniform,” Brig. Karemire told the Nile Post on Saturday afternoon.

The new directive will mostly affect Uganda’s top musicians and celebrities including Jose Chameleon, Bobi Wine, DJ Michael, Gravity Omutujju and city socialite Bryan White who on many occasions are seen donning the camouflage.

According to events security manager Dixon Okello ‘Bond’ him together with other stakeholders have received similar communications on camouflage in relation to musicians.

“We have got a communication not to allow any person dressed in camouflage military uniforms and is not a government security personnel from accessing any concert venue or function,” Bond told the Nile Post.

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