How to handle crisis(es) as a business

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I think most of us have heard this saying, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

When it comes to business, most business owners don’t live by this saying literally; but trust me it’s some good piece of advice.

Crisis can hit anyone at any time without warning hence the need to be prepared is one thing every business owner should be looking out for especially, small businesses that don’t enjoy the economies of scale that would help neutralise the impact of a crisis.

Below is a plan that would help any business cope with a crisis(es) and limit its impact;

Gather the team and maintain the proper perspective:

This is the time to be united as a team. Coming together and putting in collective effort is so vital to be able to cope. This isn’t the time to be pointing fingers and making accusations and counter accusations. The last thing you want to be doing it throwing around blame rather than finding solutions and being part of the solution.

Pointing fingers at each other is only going to cause more chaos and tension among employees yet unity and continuity is what is required.

Tell the whole truth:

It’s so important to be honest about the crisis and what is going on. This enables others to give you the necessary support or help and it also allows you remain on top of the situation and the narrative hence avoiding the negative spin. Don’t make statements whether factual that don’t have anything to do with the crisis just stick to the script. Avoid lies that will lead to another lie and a whole web of lies.

Sometimes it’s just right to own up to the mistakes made as this puts you in a situation to control the situation and its repercussions.

Too many cooks spoil the broth:

It’s good to assign specific roles to specific individuals especially the role of speaking to the public/media. The media will want to tell your story and will be all over the crisis. Make sure what’s being put out there is controlled as what is said could end up just complicating the already delicate situation plus some employees may not have the full understanding of what is going on and may end up saying the wrong things.

That should help you manage crisis in your business. Please let me know if you found this useful and if you did, please share it with your networks. If you have managed crisis before in your business please share with us how you went about it.

Jaluum Herberts Luwizza is a Business Consultant, Writer and Public Speaker with YOUNG TREPS a business management and consulting firm that helps people start, run and grow profitable and sustainable businesses.