I have not burnt out- Peter Miles

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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Long lost Ugandan reggae and dancehall artiste Peter Kanyike alias Peter Miles has returned with a bang- no, not music related. The singer has returned to quarrel first.

The Patios lyric spitting singer who has not had a song to his name in quite long has come out to dismiss rumours that he has since resigned and given up on music.

In a post on Facebook, Miles claims that the media is the one pushing his retirement despite him being active and conquering the world through music.

In a long rant, the singer says that South Africa and Europe are now his performance stages. He also says he is busy with humanitarian responsibilities before beginning to quarrel as thus;

A lot of rumours have been circulating in the media on how I’ve retired from music it’s absurd that some reputable media houses and presenters have gone ahead to say the same without inquiring from me (the minimum requirement of investigative journalism).Now to set the record straight, I do music as a passion and hobby and you don’t retire from passion,I started music without any monetary intention but because of the love of it, when the money kicked in it was a bonus.
I’ve been engaged internationally touring different parts of the world most of last year doing music shows in Dubai,Durban,Sweden and other parts of Europe.Beginning this year I’m involved in humanitarian social responsibilities with the UNITED NATIONS.
As an artist diversification is key,I made music crossed boarders I conquered, most of all veteran artists in the world who remain relevant have also ventured and diversified into different fields,for example P.Diddy,Jayz to mention a few.
Now to my beloved friends and fans desist from all these false rumours.
I’m putting final touches on my latest album 
Preparing to shoot videos both here and in South Africa and feed you with food for your soul


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