Uganda army small but strong- Museveni

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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President Museveni has said it is not by mistake that Uganda’s army the UPDF is small but strong to conquer its enemies.

The UPDF has had a number of success stories in Somalia under the AMISOM, South Sudan and Central African Republic.

Speaking during a meeting with crime preventers’ coordinators in Kampala on Wednesday, Museveni said that in the early nineties, the UPDF totalled to over 100,000 troops but noted this number has over the years been reducing deliberately.

“By 1991, we had an army of 100,000 soldiers and then reduced to 40,000 and now we are about 60,000 soldiers. We can always have a small army but well equipped,”Museveni said.

“For example when you buy a tank, you can park it there and only grease it well but it will not ask you for feeding, clothing or medical attention like soldiers and has more firepower than individuals.”

He explained that it makes no sense having a big army without proper equipment which are force multipliers as well as money to spend on feeding, clothing and medical for the individual soldiers.

Strong army
Museveni said that the force multipliers like tanks increase the effectiveness and strength of the force because they can do more work.

“That is why I advised the people that we should reduce the army but with better equipment.”

He said that this small number of troops is useful to the country in times when there is no war but warned that the reserve force can always come in times of any catastrophe.

“The army now is about 60,000 and we call this a peace time army but with better equipment. If anybody was foolish enough to provoke war with Uganda, I would mobilise the reserve for to sort out the stupid fellow.”

Museveni said that the crime preventers who he said are now totaling to 12 million are now officially a reserve force of the UPDF and in case of any war, they will be called out to fight the enemy.

Blaise Kamugisha, the crime preventers’ national coordinator pledged that the group he termed as a mass patriotic movement would at all times pay allegiance to President Museveni whom he described as the chief national crime preventer.

“You sent us to establish a patriotic movement and here are the results. We should not only protect the country but also the president,”Kamugisha vowed.

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