2 reported dead in Yumbe clashes, several cars burnt

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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Two people are reported dead in Yumbe District following a protest by youth in the area against operations of the Uganda Revenue Authority.

According to Speak FM, the protests were sparked by a URA operation against unregistered bodas bodas, in the event apprehending residents in the business.

The youth in retaliation started burning vehicles belonging to Non Government Organisations (NGO) for not employing them.

“Boda Boda riders are on strike to protest against URA who allegedly put pressure on them to comply with Uganda regulations, to legally register, and therefore, pay the taxes. Some NGOs attacked by Protesters,” a source from Yumbe reports.

Speaking to Nile Post, URA Manager Public and Corporate Affairs, Ian Rumanyika said the Authority is cracking down on unregistered boa bodas as well as those smuggles from South Sudan without reverting tax.

“But the situation is under control. It is an issue of resistance against compliance of number less bodas bodas. No one has been killed. Not true. We put our Tax payers first,” Rumanyika said.

“Our key performance indicator is to enforce compliance on top of Taxpayer education. We shall remain firm in enforcing compliance and will continue ensuring that all taxpayers comply with their legal tax obligations,” he added.

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