IGG investigating Minister Namuganza’s academic qualifications

Namajja Irene

Namajja Irene

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The Inspector General of Government Irene Mulyagonja has confirmed that investigations are underway into the academic qualifications and character of minister of state for lands Persis Namuganza.

The IGG confirmed this in an interview saying the investigation follows commendable complaints from a number of people hailing from Bukono county which the minister represents in parliament.

The office is however being bogged down by numerous un-investigated cases due to under stuffing and limited finances.

In an exclusive interview with the inspector general of government told Nile Post that her office is investigating circumstances surrounding the academic qualifications of the state minister of lands Persis Namuganza.

The office received a petition from a group of said electorates from the minster’s constituency Bukono County contesting that Namuganza lacked prerequisite academic papers to hold such office.

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“We received that complaint last week and of course we are interested in ensuring our leaders are truthful about what they state when they are going for elections. Because of the number of people that complained, we are investigating to make sure she has genuine documents that qualify her to be MP and Minister,” Mulyagonja said.

This is not the first time Namuganza’s academic papers are being challenged. The same were contested before the speaker of parliament when Namuganza was slated for vetting to become minister.

Namuganza is already in the news for taking part in asquabble with the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga and the Busoga caucus.

The IGG however notes that handling such investigations on a timely basis is very different for her due to under-stuffing and limited finances. Mulyagonja says they currently have a backlog of uninvestigated matters up to over 4000 and with an annual registration of close to 3000 matters her stuff of only 400 employees is way below the optimal requirement.

She adds that the limited number of stuff is further affecting their verification of property of leaders noting that even if declaration stands at above 90%, verification is still stuck at 60% which frustrates their struggle to curb corrupt officials.

Mulyagonja says that away from stuffing and finances, an amendment of the leadership code last year dug even deeper holes in their track down on leaders who own illicit assets.


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