UCC to switch off fake, stolen phones; How to tell you have a fake phone

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has resolved to switch off all Mobile Phones whose specifications fall short of minimum standards, in other words –Fake.

The UCC says that phones without an authentic International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), also known as the serial number will forthwith not be connected to any telecom network.

This also includes phones whose IMEI has been tampered with to duplicate the original serial number on importation. In this category, phones which are snatched from individuals and taken downtown to erase their original serial numbers will no longer be recognised by the system, hence invalid.

Although no specific timeline has been given regarding this, UCC in directives to telecom operators ordered them to expedite arrangements for the establishment and activation of the Central Equipment Identification Registration (CEIR) in Uganda.

“For purposes of integration of the API to the operators’ networks and installation of the CEIR, two working committees comprising of representatives from the operators and UCC have been duly constituted with instructions to commence work immediately,” a statement from UCC reads in part.

“All Telecom operators shall obtain type approval from UCC for all network equipment used and subscriber terminals/devices sold by respective operators in Uganda.  All Telecom operators shall prioritise the establishment and implementation of facilities on their respective networks to deny access to any subscriber whose equipment doesn’t comply with the Commission’s type approval requirements,” the statement continues.

The CEIR is a database that contains serial numbers of all devices active in a given mobile network. This means that for every phone that will be connected to a given network, its serial number will be captured and should the phone have a fake serial, then it will lose the connection.

For one to tell if they are carrying a fake phone, mechanics have been provided, a subscriber should type *#06#.

UCC is also re-activating the code 8883 where you can input your IMEI to verify the authenticity of your phone. It will be up shortly. Also visit the UCC website to verify the authenticity of your phone.

This is not the first time UCC is issuing the directive, in September 2012, the Commission set July 1, 2013 to deactivate all counterfeit phones.





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