Mukula writes to president Museveni to expedite reconciliation between Namuganza and Kadaga

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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Former Soroti Municipality Member of Parliament and NRM National Vice Chairman for Eastern Uganda has written to President Museveni calling for his immediate intervention in the squabble pitying Lands Minister Persis Namuganza against Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga and Busoga parliamentary caucus.

Although Mukula is tightlipped on the contents of the letter, he concedes that he has taken the step of calling upon the president to reign in the matter before it is blown out of proportion.

“The president should be able to solve this, the matter hails from the conflict surrounding the Kyabazingaship and I believe it is a matter of sitting down the two groups as quickly as possible,” Mukula said.

On pushing him further to spill the contents of the letter to Museveni, Mukula said;” No I can not reveal what is in the letter, because we are already dealing with a conflict, we can not solve that by revealing what is written.”

Trouble started when the speaker of parliament together with another legislator Paul Akamba allegedly visited the Bukono Constituency in Namutumba District, where they lashed out at the area MP, Persis Namuganza.

Namuganza would later at a public rally in the same constituency claim that Kadaga wants to kill her, she rallied her supporters to chase the Kyabazinga and Kadaga on sight with stones and clubs. Ms Namuganza claimed that the two have no capacity to lead their subjects, on top of the fact that they have failed miserably in their roles as Busoga, remains heavily infested by Jiggers and filth.

Following the exchange, Busoga Parliamentary caucus led by their chairperson, Jinja West MP, Moses Balyeku summoned Namuganza to file defence for allegedly threatening the life of Kadaga and belittling the Kyabazinga of Busoga.

Namuganza however was a no show, leaving the caucus to decide her fate in absentia. Chaired by MP Guster Mugoya (Bukoli), the caucus dismissed Namuganza.

Hours later, however, Namuganza replied to the caucus wondering where they got all the time to discuss her when the Busoga region is still poorly developed, academically limping and heavily affected by jiggers.

She reiterated that she has never been part of the caucus and swore to withdraw her monthly contributions which she said were deducted without her consent.


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