Why successful women struggle to find a man

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In an era of empowered women and a growing number of un- empowered men, it’s definitely tougher to find love today than it was yesterday.

The very educated, hardworking and go getter girl has to deal with an educated, fairly successful but insecure man.

My friend Salome is afraid to buy her dream car because an upgrade might scare away would be soothers.  If you are one of those great ladies worried that your success will fail your relationship or hinder you from finding true love, relax. These nuggets will help you realize that being powerful is not a crime and it’s excessively sexy!

The right man isn’t intimidated by a woman’s wealth

Life is a function of what you permit, what you feel now is indeed what you are going to attract. You shouldn’t stop achieving because some insecure guys in your life are intimidated by your wealth. A good quality man who knows his worth will value that. I have seen a number of men brag to their friends about how smart their women are. So, your accomplishments automatically make you the deal.

It’s personal skills that attract a man, not your wealth or education

What matters most to a man is the peace he finds with a woman. Education, number of cars and stamps in the passport are just a bonus. That’s why high achieving women get shocked when men they hold in high regard choose house maids or illiterate girls over them. It’s not because the successful one is unapproachable, but because with that simple girl, he finds peace. She doesn’t have the 5 degrees to throw at him every time she is mad.

Men just want to be Men

The one thing I have learnt in life, thanks to personal development is that, standing up for self, taking a stand when necessary and walking away on occasion is okay. What isn’t okay, is suppressing someone’s opinion because they don’t make as much money as you do. If you can keep your achievements out of a relationship, respect that man you love as he is and keep the business competition at work, there shouldn’t be a problem. In fact that man will happily support you all the way up!

Your success isn’t to blame; it’s your fear of people

It’s true that the greatest prison people live in is the fear of what others think. Caring about people’s thoughts is utterly disastrous for your morale and ability to perform your best. Accept that the human list of demands for your life will never stop growing because that’s the world we live in and stop giving a damn; you will have peace of mind.  Love prospers in peaceful environments.

Confidence isn’t your enemy; it’s your best friend

According to Paris Hilton, the great granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton Hotels, “No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she is sexy. “ You should listen to her because she is equally successful.  Fitting in so you don’t stand out is nothing to aspire to ladies.  Instead of shrinking to the level of an insecure guy because he is the one available, use your wealth and poise to get what you deserve. It’s extremely sexy to know your worth.


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