I have never been part of you, deal with Busoga jiggers first- Namuganza to Busoga caucus

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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By the look of things, the war involving the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga and Busoga parliamentary caucus on one side and Lands minister Persis Namuganza is not about to end.

Following the resolution by the caucus to dismiss her, Namuganza has as the adage goes, bathed them with fire saying she has never been a member of the group.

“There are procedures for somebody to associate or not to associate with a particular group and its not automatic. I have never been member of the Busoga parliamentary caucus,”Namuganza told journalists on Saturday in response to the caucus that sat on Friday and passed a resolution to expel her.

According to the Lands state minister and Member of Parliament for Bukono County in Namutumba district, when she realised that the Busoga parliamentary caucus did not have objectives geared towards the development of Busoga, she abandoned them.

“Statistics show Busoga as the poorest region and when you visit the area, people still ask for Shs 500 which is absurd. We still have problems of jiggers but the caucus can afford to sit and discus one person,” she added.

“If they cannot discuss and solve the problems affecting Busoga, then what is their aim?”

Namuganza also accused them of illegally deducting her monthly salary towards the caucus, a thing she said is wrong because she has never allowed them to do so.

She demanded that they refund her on top of a 100 percent interest for the money they have been deducting from her salary as a legislator.

Attacks Kadaga
Namuganza did not spare her nemesis, the speaker of Parliament and Kamuli district Woman MP Rebecca Kadaga whom she accused of not doing enough to help Busoga, and more so her constituency develop.

“Kamuli was the poorest performer in the Primary Leaving Exams, UCE and UACE but she has failed to help improve that,”Namuganza said.

“We have had many people in government from Busoga but instead of working with them to promote the region, they are busy fighting them.”

She said that she is coming up with what she termed as revolutionary politics to telling the people of Busoga what they ought to do in a bid to clean their name and not looked as the region of jiggers.

However in response Gaster Mugoya, the legal adviser to the Busoga Parliamentary Caucus, Namuganza does not know what she is talking of because she authorised deduction of the money which was a confirmation she is a member of the caucus.

“Before deduction is effected, you must have authorised in writing to the accountant for parliament and she did that,”Mugoya said.

The war between the two Busoga bigwigs became pronounced last month when Kadaga said no one could stop her from going to Bukono, an area where Namuganza hails from.

The Lands Minister would later claim that Kadaga wants to kill her before asking her(Kadaga) to focus on issues concerning her constituency(Kamuli) other than Bukono.

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