Kadaga blames government for frustrating electoral reforms

Sam Ibanda Mugabi

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has faulted government for failing to present the long awaited electoral reforms to the House inspite of the Supreme court recommendations requiring that Parliament to handle the reforms in time.

Kadaga informed the European Union Election observers at Parliament that her effort to force government to present the electoral reforms have become futile with no response from the concerned government ministers

The European Union election observers spent the whole Wednesday at the Ugandan parliament assessing the the performance of the Ugandan parliament and government entities at large.

The European Union observers latter on had an opportunity of interviewing the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga on why both government and Parliament have delayed to handle the long awaited electoral reforms in the country.

But to speaker Kadaga, government seems to have lost interest in having the necessary electoral reforms ahead of the next general elections.

“No serious step has been taken by the government to bring any reforms. We have been told causally on the floor of the house that instead of reforms coming immediately, there will be a constitutional review commission and that names have been submitted to the president but I doubt whether the government is interested in electoral reforms and I think they would want to do what they do as usual to stamapede the house,” she said.

Asked on the immediate reforms that are required ahead of the 2023 general elections, the Speaker says the issue of campaign financing, voter bribery, determination of voting areas amongst others need to be addressed.

Kadaga was also tasked to explain why there was an attack on members of parliament during the debate on the controversial constitutional amendment of 2017.

“For us it was the first time to fight in this parliament. It is not unique but it happened although before that we were okay,” she said.


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