Over 700 boda bodas impounded in Kampala following Museveni directive

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Over 700 motorcycles have been seized in traffic police operations to clamp down on careless riders since January in Kampala.

Speaking during the liberation day celebrations at Boma grounds in Arua in January, president Museveni directed the police to get stricter on offenders of traffic guidelines especially boda bodas and taxis.

Police subsequently kicked off operations in all parts of the city to check on recklessness as directed by Museveni.

According to Norman Musinga, the Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Police commanders, operations to crack the whip on riders.

“Major emphasis is put on cyclists without helmets, violating traffic lights, riding along pavements paths, carrying more than one passenger, not respecting zebra crossings and riding while drunk,”Musinga said.

Subsequently, a number of riders have been arrested with many of them taken to court and sent to jail after prosecution whereas others have been fined.

Speaking in Arua, Museveni said he was concerned over the manner in which boda boda riders and taxi drivers behave while on the road, affecting other road users.

“I have heard many foreigners complain of reckless drivers in Uganda which is bad.Police must insist on the proper road code,”Museveni said.

He cited boda bodas that always ride on the side and pavements disrupting pedestrians, adding that such indiscipline on the road will scare away foreigners from Uganda.

“The side walk is for pedestrians and nobody else. We should enhance our reputation internationally that Uganda is safe, stable and the society is disciplined,”Museveni noted.

The Ministry of Works and Transport report for the year 2016/17 released last year indicated that deaths on Ugandan roads had increased as 9572 had died in the previous three years.

At least 200 people died on Ugandan roads last year according to records.

According to statistics from Mulago hospital, the largest percentage of victims admitted are due to accidents from boda bodas.

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