We are guilty of Susan Magara’s murder- Government

Zahra Namuli

Zahra Namuli

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The minister for security Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has apologised to the country and family of Ms Suzan Magara over government’s failure to rescue the deceased while she had been kidnapped.

Tumukunde made the statements in his capacity and also as president Museveni’s representative during the burial of Susan Magara at her ancestral home in Kitoba, Hoima District on Thursday.

He said that the kidnappers were so sophiscated for the security agencies, yet most of them have no specific expertise in the field.

“We plead guilty to the death of Magara (Suzan) because I know we could have saved her. But we failed to track the kidnappers because they were too sophisticated,” he said.

Susan Magara’s family disappointed in Police

“People should stop blaming security organs infightings as the cause of her death. I am tired of people pointing fingers at us. You people only know crimes related to cattle and bicycle theft, the issue we were handling was sophisticated. Even us when we left the bush we were not the best, we have trained on job,” he added.

Meanwhile during the burial, Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura’s representative, Abbas Byakagaba was booed by angry mourners when he began to speak.

Byakagaba said that the police force is doing all possible to arrest the murderers, but his assurances did little to soothe the mourners that had earlier expressed dissatisfaction with the way police dealt with the case.

Kidnappers cut off Magara’s fingers as she watched and wailed, sent video to her family

Following the her kidnap and eventual murder Susan Magaras family expressed disappointment in security agencies, specifically the police force.

The deceased’s grandfather Lenny Muganwa questioned the effectiveness of security operatives after spending days on investigations with no results.

“I think every security service was involved. They did what they could but it looks like these people (Kidnappers) were much smarter than them. They couldn’t rescue the life of Susan,” Muganwa said.

“20 days is a long time to wait and 20 days is also a long time for police to find out what is going on. In the end they didn’t find out, only for us to be told that she is dead”.

Mourners rap government over unresolved murders as Magara is eulogised



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