We don’t’ know Ronald Mayinja- DP

Esther Namutamba

Esther Namutamba

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Democratic Party (DP) has disowned Golden Production kadongokamu singer Ronald Mayinja saying the singer does not belong to the party as alleged by certain sections of the public and media.

Democratic Party Secretary General, Gerald Siranda while addressing journalists on Tuesday said the Tulikubunkenke singer is not anywhere in the party’s records as a member.

“We have checked all the party records from Bottom to the top and Ronald Mayinja’s name is not featured anywhere,” Siranda said.

Mayinja’s renouncement comes after he was spotted entertaining ruling National Resitance Movement (NRM) party big wigs at Kiboga over the weekend. The party members were toasting to the passing of the age limit Bill in parliament.

Worse still Mayanja was seen beaming with a huge smile while events promoter Balaam Barugahare introduced him to President Museveni, who was chief guest at the ceremony.

Prior to the events over the weekend, the Africa singer had been seen mingling with a host of DP stalwarts and attending the party’s events.

‘’Apart from seeing Mayinja sidelining with those members who were chased away from the party for being indiscipline, we do not know Ronald Mayinja,” Siranda said.

“We do not stop Mayinja from singing for any party or any function but not the one of age limit where some of the members of parliament who are his best friends nearly survived being murdered.’’

DP however wants Mayinja to repent before Ugandans for sidelining with people who sold their country by signing on the age limit cap.

By time of filing story however, Mayinja was unavailable for a comment.

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