Two more foreigners die in Kampala

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Barely a month after the death of two foreign nationals in Kampala hotels,two more foreigners have died under unclear circumstances.

According to police spokesperson Emilian Kayima, a German and a Belgian died on Friday and Monday morning.

“Hans Jurgen Vallent died on February 23 as he was being rushed to Nsambya hospital from Case hospital where he had been admitted for two days,”Kayima said in a statement.

It is said that a postmortem report done at Mulago indicated that the German had died of a heart attack.
The police publicist said that Eric Yvomr ,54 a Belgian also died Monday.

Police says the deceased’s girlfriend Joseline Mupfasoni,a Burundi national told them that he committed suicide.

“The postmortem report done at Mulago confirmed so,”Kayima says.

The increased number of deaths of foreigners in the country will raise a number of questions on their safety while in Uganda.

A few weeks ago, two foreigners Thomas Juha Petteri Terasvouri from Finland and Axel Ssebastian Andreas from Sweden were found dead in their rooms at Sheraton  and Pearl of Africa  hotels respectively  under unclear circumstances.

However according to police,toxicology reports pointed to drugs found in their bodies and could have caused their deaths.

We can confidently  say they died of intoxication,”Dr. Moses Byaruhanga,the director in charge of medical services in police told journalists at Naguru.

According to toxicology reports as told to journalists, there were drug samples in the liver,bile,kidney and blood which they highly suspect  led to the deaths of the two foreigners.

“In the body of the Swedish national we found  samples of cocane, morphine and diason  among others after toxicology  tests.”

“There was  a brown substance recovered  from the mouth of the Finish national  who died at Pearl of Africa hotel.Tests in the blood,urine and stomach found and concoction  of narcotics.”

According to the officers  from the government  analytical laboratory, there were  no physical  marks on the bodies of the deceased prompting them to carry out toxicology  reports.

The Inspector  General  of  Police, Gen.Kale Kayihura  however noted  that the two incidents  were  not related but added more investigations would come out to prove this.
He also noted that drugs is a big problem for Uganda  and that police is putting in place a special squad to deal with this crime.

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