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The Inspector General of Police, Gen.Kale Kayihura has said the force is currently under attack from propagandists.

The police image has of late gone to the dogs due to their actions including brutalising members of the public, journalists and other people.

Speaking during the 24th sitting of the police council in Kigo, Wakiso district on Monday, Kayihura cried foul that his force is under constant attack from people he referred to as propagandists.

“Police needs to learn how to respond to situations and propagandists . There is need to strengthen cohesion, operational capacity and professional conduct.”

However in response, the Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odong urged the police force to check themselves other than lamenting over attacks from the public.

“Is the image portrayed in media a reality or a fabrication? In most cases we are the source of this because of own mistakes,”Odong said.

“The image of the police force has sank to its lowest and this needs to be worked upon.”

Meanwhile, Gen. Kayihura asked cabinet to write off a Shs25 billion debt that has accrued from utilities especially electricity and water for the force.

He said the force is planning to introduce ways of reducing the ever growing costs to the force by introducing solar at most police stations.

On food, the police boss said they should start growing their own food on the vast lands that the force has in different areas of the country to avoid the costs that go on food.

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