We did not invade NBS TV- URA

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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The Uganda Revenue Authority has dismissed reports that they invaded NBS TV, a television company under the guardianship of Next Media services.

Local media was filled with reports that the tax body had invaded the premises of NBS TV over matters related to non-compliance over the weekend.

However, URA Manager for Public and Corporate Affairs, Mr Ian Rumanyika says there is “nothing such as a raid” on NBS TV premises.

“It is unfortunate that local media is making a huge meal out of this. It is not news at all because URA’s job is to engage with tax payers and carry out client audit. It is a compliance job,” Mr Rumanyika says.

“We can carry out audits on anyone, whether compliant or non compliant. It can be any media house or client of our choice any time, and the reason is to interact with our clients. During the audit we can agree on certain things or disagree. It is not unique,” he added.

Regarding the findings of the audit, Mr Rumanyika said it is not professional of the the body to declare findings from client audits to anyone except the client. He however added that the findings must not necessarily be bad.

“The client could be very compliant and they are simply objecting to our initial audit, so it is not true that whenever we go to audit there should be non compliance,” he added.

NBS TV on its part confirmed the audit process by URA adding that what has so far been written by various social media tabloids and online outlets is misrepresentation.

“URA did on February 15 2018 visit NBS in the operations of it’s duties seeking information. We are yet to receive a report on their findings,” reads a statement from NBS TV in part.

“NBS core values as company is integrity and excellency, hence we are a law abiding company that adheres to and cooperates with all government and non government regulations lawfully,” the statement continues.

Mr Joseph Kigozi, the chief of strategy for Next Media services also affirmed the URA visit. He guaranteed that the company is open and still serving its legion of viewers.

“NBS continues to be your bold, balanced, accurate and authoritative television station of choice as it narrates compelling stories each day,” Mr Kigozi said.

Mr Kigozi nonetheless pronounced that the company is evaluating the likelihood of criminality in the slanderous articles by different social media and online outlets and will take action at the appropriate time.

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