How a woman should deal with husband’s “side dish” in a classy way

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Side dishes have sabotaged marriages and relationships since time immemorial. The main dish, call her the wife or official girl friend, may even never know about the existence of one in her life. To her, every woman wants a man of her own. Poor dear! Side dishes don’t care what number they are in the equation as long as they get some time for TLC (Tender, Love and Care) with your man.

What’s more sad is the fact that they are always ten steps ahead of you.  They do their research and know so much about you yet you know so little or none. But now that you are aware of her presence because you called and she picked or whichever way it is that you found out, what do you do?! How do you save your marriage from a woman that wears her side chic title like a badge of honour?


This is definitely a battle you have to fight and the recipe for winning at any thing in life is prayer.  They say that if you are still praying in English, your problem hasn’t yet gotten to you. Although I would like to believe that the pressure and stress that comes from knowing the other woman is enough to get you on your knees.

Do not attack

Truth is it hurts so bad to find out that you have been played by someone you love but they say, sometimes not telling people anything is a good thing.

Feeling like you have to compete for the guy’s attention now will naturally evoke feelings of anxiety, insecurity and lower your esteem. Try to keep calm and think as you pray to avoid regrets. Engaging in verbal attacks, smear campaigns and physical fights with the other woman will only lower you to her level. Do your best to avoid confrontation.

Deal with your man not the woman

Your partner is a grown up adult who went into another relationship well aware that he was committed to you, instead of fighting the girl, deal with him. He is the one that messed up your marriage!

There’s also a possibility that she didn’t know she was wrecking a home because your sweet husband or boyfriend didn’t declare he was in a relationship.  I have heard a lot of incidents where husbands claim they are divorcing the main dish soon. So, whose fault is it in this case?!

Evaluate your relationship

The best time to evaluate your relationship is in such moments.  It helps you answer the why he did it, if you should stay or leave, also what can be done to fix the situation. As you try to answer those questions, you will understand what changed, the value you both add to each other and in there lays the real answer on your status moving forward.

Choose you

Love yourself enough to set boundaries because your time and energy are precious. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept. Ever heard of those words of wisdom by Anna Taylor? Well now you have. If you love and value yourself enough, you will also agree Trey Shelton that, “Staying in a situation where you are unappreciated isn’t loyalty; it’s called breaking your own heart.” Gift her with that cheating man and move on.


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