Eddy Kenzo starts talking about death and God, scares fans

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Singer Edrisa Musuza, alas Eddy Kenzo could have started thinking strongly about death. The singer who is very active of social media yesterday changed the vibe in his posts and started preaching death.

Kenzo posted a picture of himself in black and captioned it with a message of death and forgiveness to the surprise of his fans who kept asking what had befallen him.

“Think of death often. The Angel of Death can visit us at any moment. Remember, death doesn’t discriminate between the young or old. Seek the Almighty’s forgiveness. May He make us among the people of Paradise,” Kenzo posted.

Kenzo’s fans are worried now that the singer could be starting to show signs, they give examples of AK47 and Mowzey Radio who before their death started talking the same way to the extent that they released songs about life and God.

What the fans say;





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