Does it matter when the man is younger than the woman?

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Marisa is head over heels for Sam but his family doesn’t approve of their relationship because she is a decade older than him.

Sam is 34 years old she is 47years old but they love each other. What is wrong with that? If it was the other way round, that Sam was the older one and Marisa the younger one, would it be right then?! I guess so; it’s no wonder that the only thing most people know about French president Emmanuel Macron is the fact that his wife is 24 years older. You guys should listen to Ronnie McDowell’s song older women; he says they make beautiful lovers and know just how to treat a man. Anyhow, does it really matter who is older in a relationship

Maturity and intellect matter more than age.

Traditionally, the ideal couple is when a woman is 3, 4 or 5 years younger than the man, but if she is a decade older, they say she robbed the cradle. When she goes for someone older, her intentions are still questioned. So then what? Forget the age issue and consider wisdom. If someone is young but emotionally mature, they would make a better partner than a physically mature but senseless adult.

Age is only an issue until 25 years.

According to science, our brains develop until we are 25 years of age for both men and women without discriminating. As long as one is around that age or above, you can trust their decisions, if they are younger than that, their wants and needs are expected to change the moment they hit 25years. Scientifically, you can’t rely on someone below that age to make important decisions.  That’s the only episode, when age might kind of matter in a relationship.

Depends on how one feels inside.

Society makes it seem like an abomination when a woman is older than her man; however, how much time someone has lived on earth doesn’t define their character or energy. Besides, some people do not look or feel like their age, a woman might be older than her man but when their energy levels and appearance are compared, she seems way younger.

Differences in lifestyle

Age isn’t the problem; in most cases couples affected by age have issues because their lifestyles are different. For example, if one of you is a party animal and the other isn’t, it might get boring and probably not work out. Luckily for women, the older they get, the higher their energy, they tend to keep up well with their younger partners unlike the men. Usually older men have a challenge dating younger girls. For instance a young girl would want to go dancing till morning, something that an old man wouldn’t do.

Love conquers

I don’t think anyone sets out to find someone older or younger, it just happens. As long as two consenting adults are happy together, age is trivial. My facebook friend Masaba Brian confirmed it, “It feels nice dating someone with a high sense of maturity, knows what to do, when and where. Two of my exes were older than me and I had the best dating experience with them. I can confirm that age is just a number.”

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