A sportsman’s tribute to a music icon

Daniel Sebakijje

You walked into the Ugandan music ring as a fringe contender but you were never bullied.

Surely you were well prepared for the bout against one of the hardest opponents to humble, the human kind.

With a unique game plan that you executed to the latter, you bossed the four corners as you hit us with sucker punches of hits.

Blow by blow in flurries and quick combinations you cornered even the mightiest of opponents, you truly got us on the ropes with your lyrical & vocal prowess.

Even those that tried to counter punch couldn’t land their fist on your skin, many eventually threw in the towel as you walked out unscathed.

Like the general you were, you parried off all counter punches. You smartly moved in Bobs and Weaves with your unpredictable hits as you majestically matched into our hearts with your well knitted melodies and lyrics.

The ring was at times challenging, but you always rolled with the punches and still had us on our knees.

But all through the bout, the devil who never goes to sleep was dying with envy from the stands and he attacked when you list expected, he landed a sucker punch, a hay-maker, a bare knuckle, one you could never recover from.

This was perhaps the worst corkscrew punch in the history of the Ugandan Music ring.

The cut-man tried to save you, but the die had been cast, you had kissed the converse and lost a bout for the first and last time. Too bad you were never availed a chance for a rematch.

Mowzey Radio, you will be missed!!! R.I.P

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