AUDIO: Priest condemns celebrities for living recklessly, dissuades them against seeking church as last option

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Musicians in the country have been advised to change their lifestyles and live an exemplary and a Godly life.

The call was sounded by Father Deogratias Kateregga Kiibi while leading a requiem mass at Rubaga Cathedral in honour of musician Moses Ssekibugo alias Mowzey Radio who died on Thursday at Case Hospital in Kampala.

According to Father Kiibi, musicians should not only come to Church when they are dead. He argues that most of the times musicians have chosen to live a celebrity life not bearing in mind that without God, all the fame will vanish in a shortest period of time.

The priest was referring to Ssekibogo who has died at the age of 33 years, Thousands of mourners gathered at the Cathedral to pay tribute to him.

Kiibi notes that many people have been judging Mowzey Radio because of the lifestyle he was living but it wasn’t proper for them to judge him.

He argues that most of the Musicians in the country last stepped in church when they were baptized, but at least Mowzey Radio used to go to church nearly two years prior to his death.


He also notes that Radio became a good example to the parents and other musicians by always taking his children to church for baptism.

The priest argues that irrespective of one’s religion, every person that was born should receive baptism and other sacraments in accordance to his religious beliefs so as to live a Godly life.

He noted that most of the celebrities have always used the money they have gained from fame to live wasteful lives.

On this, the priest advised the celebrities with extra money to always take it to their places of worship so that they can be planned for to suit something that can help many of the disadvantaged people.

Father Kiibi’s message sent the mourners into prolonged laughter.

The humorous priest also noted that people who have gained fame through hurting others like bouncers in bars, “who have too much energy”, should use their energy to clean all the sewage in the city which has been a problem to the people living in the area.

In the last three years, Mowzey Radio is the third musician to die after reportedly engaging in fights inside bars. The others are Producer Dans Kumapeesa, Emmanuel Mayanga alias AK 47 and Dizzy Nuts.

Buganda Kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga advised artistes and other youths to always be careful while celebrating in areas of entertainment.

Mowzey Radio died after sustaining severe injuries that resulted from a brawl at ‘Da’ Bar in Entebbe. He leaves behind five children and three wives.

He will be laid to rest tomorrow at his father’s place in Kaga village, in Wakiso District.



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