Celebrities advised to get professional managers as Mowzey Radio is Eulogised

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Celebrities especially footballers, musicians and comedians have been urged to get professional managers to handle their day to day life.

The call was made by Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga during the requiem mass for Ugandan vocalist Moses Ssekibogo, also known as Mowzey Radio at Rubaga Catholic church on Friday.

“We have been robbed of important people in avoidable circumstances like this one. Our artists need professional managers,”Mayiga told mourners.

LIVE: Mowzey Radio’s requiem mass

The Neera singer breathed his last on Thursday morning at Case Hospital where he was admitted over a week ago after being involved in a fight at De Bar, a popular hangout spot in Entebbe.

According to the Buganda premier , if the deceased had a professional manager, he could have stopped him from going to the place from where he was beaten from leading to his death.

“Those in the entertainment industry like sportsmen, singers, comedians among others should sit and discuss this. We want to have our entertainers live up to old age.”

Fr. Kiibi Kateregga, the curate for Rubaga Cathedral parish urged celebrities to learnt to handle their life after getting fame.

He said that on many occasions, when they become famous, they tend to behave in an undesired manner , a thing he said has cost lives of many.

“Remember the talent you have is God given, but many of you tend to treat them as yours. Give back to God,”Fr.Kateregga urged.

“Don’t over spend money .Like European footballers and other celebrities, get people(managers) to guide you on how to use money.”

The man of God cited fundraising drives which have always been organised for celebrities, a thing he said indicates that they don’t spend well the money they earn.

Of recent, there have been many car cash drives aimed at fundraising for treatment of famous people in the country.

“Learn how to handle fame. Many people out there work day and night but are still poor. Why don’t you handle the money you earn very well to avoid people fundraising for you when you worked for over 20 years earning a lot of money.”

The man of God praised the fallen singer as being an important figure in society, whose death has dealt a big blow to the church and country at large.

“He was the hope and inspiration for many people .He died at the age where he was most useful,”Fr.Kateregga said of Mowzey Radio.

The Ugandan vocalist will be laid to rest on Saturday at Kaga, Nakawuka in Wakiso district.

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