I have a problem with being directed to do my work- Kadaga

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has blasted the judiciary to stop meddling in the work of the August House.

Last year, the then Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma issued an order stopping parliament from investigating the oil handshake.

Speaking during the opening of the new law year at High Court on Monday, Kadaga said that on a number of occasions the judiciary has given orders to the August House, something she said is meddling in their work.

“I have a problem with being directed on how to do my work as speaker, “Kadaga said.

She cited an example of the High Court justice Margaret Oguli who summoned her to appear before High Court.

Following their suspension by the speaker during the climax of the age limit debate, six MPs including; Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, Allan Ssewanyana, Gerald Karuhanga, Jonathan Odur, Anthony Akol and Mubarak Manyangwa dragged Kadaga to court prompting court to summon her to appear before justice Oguli.

When lawyers led by Medard Ssegona took the summons to Kadaga, they were arrested by police at parliament.

According to Kadaga, she could not stand court summoning her, something she equated to interfering with her job.

“I can’t imagine a committee in parliament with powers equal to High Court summon a judge to appear before parliament, “Kadaga said.

“Imagine an order asking me to adjourn sitting of the house to come to court. ”

The speaker of parliament advised that both institutions should work independently and not interfering with the work of each other.

“We should give each other space to do its work.We must have respect for one another. ”

However, in response, the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe noted there are efforts by the judiciary to interfere with work of parliament but said their role is to ensure administration of justice prevails adding that all scenarios that happened were never intended to stifle parliament’s work.

“If a citizen runs to court, the judiciary has the right to make judicial orders and its what we did,”Katureebe said.

“If one is not satisfied, they can go to a higher court to challenge them.”

The statements by Kadaga seem to be the renewed cold war between the judiciary and parliament.

Last year, Kadaga threw out what she termed as stupid orders by the then Deputy Chief justice Steven Kavuma stopping parliament from investigating the oil handshake.


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