Five business principles you could use to attract love

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The “Yes – I love you” or “No – it won’t work” moment of truth is quite nerve wrecking. It happens in a split second yet it might have taken years, months or even weeks for someone to make the decision. Whether the choice was made out of pure impulse or after pondering long about how great a life with you would be, it’s no secret that the more exciting your profile and life story sounds, the higher your chances of being accepted by your dream lover.

The key question here is; can you like a legit business attract clients or love without cooking lies? Whatever your game plan has been, these 5 tips that have worked for successful businesses attracting clients will get you love on merit.


Relationships operate the same way businesses do. The way you hope she says, “yes I will marry you” is the same way a business owner hopes a client will say, “yes am buying.” The difference between success and failure here is honesty. If a business owner tries to sells you a FLASK that keeps water hot, keeps cold water cold, boils tea and sometimes makes ice cream, you will walk out. Of course all the lies were to sway you in to buying but it was stupid. Same thing with love, there’s no need to over package your story, people see through you. Let your personality do the branding for you. It won’t please everyone but the right one will appreciate it.

Share your vision

If you really love someone and intend to spend the rest of your life together, then it’s okay to share your dreams. Businesses tend to have their visions visible everywhere, that way a client knows exactly where this business is going and what to expect. You can do the same in your relationship journey. Let your love prospect know that where you are right now, is not where you intend to stay, give them the confidence to want to build something big with you. Heard of FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out? When you sound like you got a bright future, they will want to stay and be part of that moment when you shine. The fear of having known about it and ignored it won’t let them go. They will stay with you.

Apply the principle of relativity. (Comparison)

That principle suggests that we always tend to evaluate others in relation to other options. Just like if you are buying a hair piece, they will say original is 100,000 shillings and fake is 50,000 shillings. Depending on your taste and financial status, you will make a choice. Not just in business, by nature, human beings like comparisons when making decisions. You can compare yourself to your age mates or groupies that you share in common. Be careful though, it shouldn’t come off the wrong way, this strategy is to be used smartly without seeming to look down on anyone. The person will feel so blessed to have you as an option instead of the others.

Apply the principle of anchoring

To “anchor” in the business sense, not news anchoring. Whether we like it or not, we have established anchor prices for things we dream of buying at some point in our lives. You know exactly how much you want to spend on your first house, the one you are building or dream house.  The same way we set up anchors to make buying decisions is the same way they apply in our love lives.  When dating, ask questions like; what’s your dream house? What does your dream partner look like? Where do you intend to have your honey moon? You will instantly get a picture of their relationship goals.

If they are realistic, then good for you, if they are way off the mark, then work around them. Show them there are other opportunities in the world with you instead of running away or getting scared by their anchors.

The principle of possession

According to the principle of possession, if you allow people to own what you are selling, they will buy it. Statistics in the car sales industry globally suggest that if a car sales man gets you in a car for a test drive, chances you will buy it increase three folds because you already visualise owning it and what it will feel like to drive around in it. So, start showing this person how being in your life feels. Take them to places you like, introduce them to the people you value and the more they feel a part of you, the more they will get attached before you even say a thing. After a taste of life with you, a connection will be created and you will have an easy landing.

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