Owner of bar where Mowzey Radio was jabbed cold arrested

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A combined management for the singer Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio claims that the man who battered their client has been reprimanded.

The Nakudata singer was jabbed cold after he allegedly caused a scene at a night hang out in Entebbe, the results of the fight were only delivered to witnesses at Radio’s hospital bed.

Now the combined managers that include; Balaam, Emma Carlos and Geoffrey Chaga claim the a one Goerge Egesa, who owns the hang out in Entebbe has been reprimanded and his accomplice being traced.

They say that they will pursue charges of attempted murder against the suspects.

Singer Mowzey Radio in coma

The managers also claim that their client was ambushed in fight, for he did not provoke anyone as he was exiting the bar when he was pounced on and pummelled to near death.

“Between 9pm- 9:30pm on Monday night, Moses (Radio) was subjected to a very serious and unprovoked assault by an employee or associate of Egesa Goerge. There had been exchange of words, and Moses was exiting the bar to return to Kampala when the the as-yet unidentified assailant viciously attacked him. This resulted in severe brain injury that required urgent medical attention,” the statement from the managers read.


Singer Mowzey Radio out of coma- Manager

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