Muntu says he will take decision on creating new party after consultations

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The former Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, says he will decide whether or not to quit the party after his nationwide consultations.

He disclosed this while meeting FDC party members in Fort Portal town on Tuesday during day two of his consultations. Muntu said he will discuss the findings of the consultations with the party leadership once he is done, adding that he hopes the leadership will listen to the views, which he thinks can drive the party and country forward.

He however, noted that should the party ignore the views of the masses, he will have no option but quit.

“We been hearing quite a number of voices, others are saying you need to create a new platform while others are saying remain in FDC and deal with the internal problems. Once we wrap up the tour, then we sit down and analyse all this and choose a path. Once we resolve, we move either together or separately,” Muntu said.

“If we all exercise maturity and objectiveness, there is nothing we can not discuss and agree and move whether together or separately. It is good for the future of our politics as a country and a party,” Muntu added.

Muntu’s consultative meeting in Fort Portal was attended by the Kabarole District FDC party officials led by Nyakato Rusoke, their Chairperson and local leaders from the ruling National Resistance Movement and Democratic party.

Participants urged Muntu to form his own party to vie for the country’s leadership. However, Muntu said that he will first seek the views of voters in other parts of the county before taking a decision.

Muntu said that he still believes in reconciliation following last year’s party elections, which split the party. He also dismissed threats of disciplinary action by the FDC Secretary General, Nathan Nandala Mafabi.

On Monday, the FDC leadership disowned Muntu’s nationwide consultations, arguing that they were not sanctioned by any party organ. But Muntu said he has a right to carry out consultative meetings.

He explained that the consultations are broad and not only for FDC members. He also said his successor, Patrick Amuriat Oboi, the FDC President is aware of the meetings.

Besigye, FDC differ on Muntu consultations

However, Amuriat yesterday said the party and himself are yet to receive formal communication regarding Muntu’s consultation meetings.

Meanwhile FDC strongman Dr Kiiza Besigye also weighed in on the matter, saying there is no problem with anyone carrying out consultations most especially if they are in line with disposing the dictatorial regime.


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