Besigye, FDC differ on Muntu consultations

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Opposition strongman and four time presidential candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye has said there is no problem with former FDC president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu carrying out his own consultations throughout the country.

The FDC party leadership on Monday disowned the nationwide consultations launched by the former party president arguing that he had not officially informed the party about his activities.

However, Besigye said that nothing stops anyone from carrying out consultations, adding that they are doing it legally.


Kizza Besigye on Mugisha Muntu's consultation

VIDEO: Kizza Besigye on Mugisha Muntu's consultation: As long as anybody wants to do an activity that brings the dictatorship down, that person is our ally.Patrick Amuriat: We(FDC) have not been informed about his consultations #NBSLiveAt1 #NBSUpdates

Posted by NBS Television on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

“As long as anyone wants to do what needs to be done to regain our country from dictators, that person is our ally and I have no problem with it , but someone who is doing the opposite we shall oppose,”Besigye said on Tuesday outside Mbarara magistrate’s court.

The four time presidential candidate was however quick to distance himself from the party decisions saying that Muntu’s matter is one for the Forum for Democratic Change to decide to which “I am not party”.

FDC Women’s League spokesperson Sarah Eperu told journalists on Monday at Najjanankumbi that since the party president Patrick Amuriat is conducting consultations, Muntu ought to have handed over his program for harmonisation and support.

However, in response, Muntu said he is not mandated to request for permission from the party but said he had written to police and had copied in the party.

On his part, FDC president Patrick Amuriat said the party is not aware of Muntu’s consultations because they had not been informed officially.

“Since we are not aware, we shall reserve our comments. Since he is one of our members, we shall have a discussion with him to understand exactly what his intentions are,”Amuriat said.

He added , “Muntu and others conceded defeat and accepted to rally behind the new leader and that is what we understand.”

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