Traders explain why they import cheap, dangerous electronic products

Nassali Fatiah

Nassali Fatiah

, Business

The increasing demand for cheap electronic products on the Ugandan market is putting businessmen and women under pressure to import substandard products into the country.

Proscovia Nakanwagi a dealer in electronics said that usually they import all kinds of products and it’s upon the buyer to decide what’s best for them.

Many buyers are finding it hard to identify genuine products from fake ones.

In some cases, traders are taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

Dealers in the electronic products are however blaming consumers whom they said tend to demand for cheap products.

“We tend to import the best and quality electronics but Ugandans surprise us when they opt for the cheap ones which are usually of a very poor quality,” Nakanwagi said.

Traders said they incur huge costs on importation and taxes on importation of genuine products, but unfortunately most consumers cannot afford the products because of the high prices.

Most of the fake products include cables, switches, sockets, extension cables and other electronic goods.

“But even some people misuse the electronics and then put the blame on us, for instance you find someone overloading the extension cable with a fridge, kettle and others that’s too much” Nakanwagi said.

Musa Mukasa another dealer in electronics noted that even China, which is one of the biggest producers of electronic products can manufacture good quality products depending on the demand.


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