Why are we so afraid to see the end of President Museveni’s rule?

Samson Kasumba

I have lived around not too long but long enough to know how terrified humans are about “ends” as a concept. When I was much younger I used to love a song, “Hard to say Goodbye to Yesterday”, by the American group, Boyz II Men.

Apparently I am realising that for most people to figure out that their endeavour has come to an end in whatever field is a very difficult thing.

As a theologian, I am sure this has to do with the fact that we were not created with an end intrinsically embedded in us.

Our end is a result of sin (amartia) nature and not (Paraptoma) things we do.

That be as it may, ends are often going to shock us because they are not in our DNA.

You go to a movie knowing it has a start time and end time yet when that end comes it catches you off guard often we even mumble how it has ended quickly.

Now you understand why Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and company limited are thinking five years is an end came too soon for their movie’s screen time…

I lived with and loved a man so controversial he dug his own grave, tiled it, and made it all he wanted and many thought it was irresponsible and odd. What was odd about the man planning the obvious i.e. his end?

What was odd was that he did what we never do plan for. Tell people to write a will and see how many have issues planning their ends even those who think that Mr.Museveni or Dr.Besigye should write their own political wills…

So I am here to ask a question related to ends. What is worse: Mr.Museveni keeping Mr.Museveni as president or Getting rid of Mr.Museveni and personally finding someone else to do the job Mr.Museveni has done very well in the opinion of some?

There are real dangers of the line that some have taken that line being: let us keep Mr.Museveni because he has done extremely well.

Granted he has but when are we going to get rid of the idea that we must NEVER change what works?

Yes this extended an end they fear but it has far more complex implications.

Beyond the end of the great Pele the world found Diego Armando Maradona. Beyond Maradona, we now  have Messi. I can assure you someone will play football better than Messi.

Someone will run this country better than Mr.Museveni that is for sure and here is why: They will not have come here the way he came which is the reason he has not done as well as he should have because he came with baggage…They will not have it thankfully.

They will also have learned what not to do from him.

Mnangagwa may not be better than Robert Mugabe but Zimbabwe has had peaceful transfer of power for the first time and that is historic…

I don’t want Mr.Museveni to lose the ability of being the first Ugandan President to hand over power peacefully.

I also know that no leader knows how his  “end” will come with precision. It is becoming clear to me that Mugabe thought he knew how it would end what he did not know was what the real end was to be.

When it came, it is was not the one he clearly had in mind. Mr,Museveni like Obote before him, has plans of what the end will be but I want to ask is he sure that his end as he thinks it to be will be the end he will have?

So I think that by publicly speaking and planning a clear end, Mr.Museveni does one of the best things he can ever do both to Mr.Museveni and this nation:

First, he will cause panic in the opposition that has argued that he can’t do so…They don’t know how to deal with that.

Second, he will also cause panic among those who are in his ranks who want to keep him not for Uganda and for Mr.Museveni, but because that is the one selfish thing they have always done to protect their interests.

And lastly he will be immortalised as the first of Uganda’s presidents to leave power peacefully.

That tag on Museveni will be the biggest tag he will ever have. After five years of bush war when you stay longer than those you fought, it becomes very difficult to convince the majority that you are working.

I do not think that Mr.Museveni has done as much as he should in planning to get rid of Mr.Museveni. The beauty of keeping Mr.Museveni is you keep feeding the same group and hoping that those who do not eat can be convinced that they eat through others.

We may be all where we are because of Mr.Museveni but he has been around too long it requires his departure for us to know he was our best hope at the time.

Lastly, I am not going to believe that Mr.Museveni wakes up each day to derail Uganda and plunge it into chaos NOT a chance.

But right now there are far too many who can’t believe that that is not the case a reason keeping him is risky and getting rid of him the lesser of two risks.

I would hope that it would be Mr.Museveni not another to get rid of Mr.Museveni.

Keeping a man because he is better than the opposition is like a girl who keeps a man simply because he is better than her ex.-

How about those who want to date you who are better than both but cant because you are in a relationship.

I suggest drop both, be free and see what you can and should get for you…Just like the girl I shall bring piece to an end so a new better one gets a chance…


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