Rwandan nationals asked to register formal complaints of abduction, arrests

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The Uganda Police Force has asked relatives and friends to arrested or missing Rwandan nationals to file reports and complaints with police.
The appeal comes in the wake of numerous allegations of kidnap, disappearance and arrest of Rwandan Nationals and asylum seekers within Ugandan territories.

But Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said most of these cases are heard in the media, with no formal records made at police stations in areas where the alleged kidnaps take place.

Kayima said that without any leads but media reports, police cannot do much.

“Government cannot be involved in let’s say abduction. If it is there, let them present reports, we shall address their complaints appropriately,” Kayima said.

His comments come as 45 Rwandan nationals, who were apprehended by Ugandan security agencies, were charged with three counts of terrorism, starting terrorism and forgery.

The suspects who were recently arrested from Kikagati border post in Isingiro district were being held at Nalufenya police facility in Jinja until yesterday when they were charged by the Chief Magistrates court in Mbarara, and remanded to Kyamugorani Prisons in Mbarara district.

The 45 were remanded until January 15, 2018, whereafter they will appear before the court.

Addressing the press today, Kayima said that investigations indicate that the suspects are involved in terrorism activities and that more charges could be preferred as evidence is compiled.

The suspects were apprehended in a bus trying to leave the country according to Kayima.

The families some of these Rwandan nationals have called for their immediate release.

According to a statement issued by the families, those being held include Herbert Munyangaju, Freddy Turatsinze, Jessica Muhongerwa, Vanessa Gasaro, Dianne Kamikazi and Dianne Kamashazi.

Family members said some of their relatives were picked up while others were kidnapped.

UNHCR indicates that Uganda hosts some 15,853 Rwandan refugees.

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