The art of making a stranger instantly fall for you

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Asking out someone to become your lover scares even the bravest of men. It’s no mean fit.

If it’s difficult to approach an acquaintance, an old friend or even a hang out buddy with the request of being more than friends, now imagine how scary it should be with a stranger.

Yet, there are no rules to how or where you will meet your life mate. It could be that stranger you meet at a Christmas Party, in the parking lot or in the mall as you do your Christmas shopping.

So, if you are single and searching or ready to date again, you are very lucky to be reading this. It couldn’t have come to you at a better time, “The secret of approaching strangers” and it lies in only three sentences and 13 words which you will find out as soon as you are equipped with the basic tools needed to succeed on this mission.

Create rapport

Even if you are so great and ready to go down the Guinness book of records as World’s greatest lover, if someone doesn’t trust you, it won’t matter. Thankfully, you don’t need a whole day or months of knowing that stranger to earn it. It can happen instantly.

How? Share a fact that relates to both of you in that particular situation or place of meeting just so this person feels like you see the world from the same point of view. For example, “I should have planned for black Friday; prices have gone much higher than I anticipated now.”

Or if you met in a parking space but the jam is crazy, talk about the jam. “I notice the jam around this area reduces at about 9pm most times, we still have about 10minutes to go. What has been your experience?

Sound curious

Now that you have built rapport with that fact on whatever topic or subject of comfort, of course dependant on location or situation, keep the flow. Again, there are four tested and proven words to use in just one sentence, “I am just curious… “

“I am just curious, do you love coffee? Or “I am just curious, do you love dancing?

Ice breaker

This is where you introduce your intentions without sounding too obvious. The goal is to make them forget everything you started with like the traffic, Christmas prices or whatever your factual line was starting the conversation. The four magic words here are; “I just found out…”

“I just found out about this new coffee shop with great ambience, lighting, on a roof top and would be a great place to chill as we wait for the traffic to go down… “Or “I just found out about this new joint with great music, happy people and a couple of folks go dancing there as they wait for the traffic to reduce.”

Make them beg

After breaking the news of your discovery, stop at that. Do not invite them because their next question will be where? You just made them beg for more information.  Congratulations! You just graduated from random stranger to real buddy.


Close the person before declaring you are single and searching. Just like in a restaurant, when you check out the menu, you decide what you will eat and pay before it comes on the plate (presentation).

If it’s chicken, you don’t worry how sad it was at the time of slaughter. With the way you carried yourself, that person will already have made up their mind about becoming friends with you or not hence no need for a manifesto. So close them already with the key words, “Would it be okay?”

“Would it be okay if we checked this place out?” I bet it would be a Yes and that’s how numbers are exchanged.


If you get to instantly hang out, great. If it doesn’t happen right away, be assured to leave with a set date for catching up later. And then, on D-day, you will slowly get to know the person and they too could find out the other nitty gritty about you that matters. Get your prospect to trust you without being too honest. Politicians and conmen do that all the time. This is the same art that will see you trust a stranger with your hard earned money only to find out later that you were cheated.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

You are now fully equipped to attract any stranger, even the meanest and coldest of them all using those magic words.

They are tested and proven, so please don’t reinvent the wheel, if you are serious about your search, use them in that order. Remember; Build rapport by sharing a fact, then sound curious; “I am just curious…” Break the ice; “I just found out…”Close them; “Would it be okay…”

Then present your real intentions of approaching them later on your date or next meeting.

Happy Searching,

Your sister in Love.

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