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Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao has labeled ruling National Resistance Movement legislators as political night dancers who are possessed with doing unexplainable things.

Mao made the statements while appearing on NBS’ The Frontline Show, on Thursday. His comments came on the topic regarding the recent passing of the age limit Bill by an overwhelming NRM majority.

“Night dancers are usually possessed people, they are actually normal people who get possessed then do abnormal things that can not be explained normally,” Mao said.

He was on the panel with MP Abdu Katuntu (Bugweri), Barnabas Tinkasimiire (Buyaga) and Chris Baryomunsi (Kanungu). Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo retained his space as a frontliner.

Baryomunsi started by rubbing his colleagues the wrong way when he said that the passing of Age Limit Bill had excited Ugandans. He cited people in Kanungu town, whom he said slept in bars jubilating.

Mao quickly interjected to express his dismay at Baryomunsi’s statement.

“In a political environment when your survival depends on being stupid, your intelligence does not matter,” he said.

But Baryomunsi shot back;

“I share the pain of Mao and others when you speak from a defeated side, you start using words like night dancers, possessed, curses, well let us see where these will take you,” Baryomunsi said.

The other panelists joined in, Katuntu dismissed Baryomunsi’s submission as arrogance from himself and the party he represents.

“This arrogance and impunity cannot help a country. No body benefits from this recklessness. The NRM of today is not the one of old days, it was stronger,” Katuntu said.

Katuntu’s submission was supported by Mao who shortly interjected; “NRM previously was involved in Pay as You go as much as it has to do now.” But Baryomunsi was not yet done replying, he accused Mao of also picking cash from other sources.

Tinkasimiire was not amused either, he said that Baryomunsi has just harvested himself a series of curses from Ugandans watching him deliver such deliberations.

“I do not want to be part of these curses, they may catch me too since you are seated near me. Every Ugandan watching you is cursing you,” he said.

Ofwono Opondo was called to weigh in on the matter, he reiterated that the process used to amend the constitution was legitimate, summoning anyone dissatisfied to seek legal redress.

He then took swipe at those saying the current NRM is a weak party, specifically rebel MP Tinkasimiire.

“This NRM which is weak, expelled Tinkasimiire and it’s the same one he ran back to seeking for support,”Opondo said.

The NBS Frontline airs every Thursday from 10pm.




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