LIVE: MPs expected to vote on Age Limit today

Nelson Bwire Kapo


Posted by Nile Post on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The National Environment Bill 2017, by the Minister of environment has been read for the first time and forwarded to committee on Natural Resources.

10:20am: Mugume Roland raises a concern that there are members who have not been attending plenary and have been given an opportunity to speak before those who have been attending. He says Ministers should not be given the opportunity.

10:22am: MP Kahunde (NRM) says the people of Kiryandongo have voted that 102b be retained. “Every game has got it’s rules and every rule should be respected.” She says she will represent her people’s views.

10:24am: MP Bigirwa, Buliisa District. Out of 12 consultative meetings we had, majority said we do not amend 102b. I vow to effectively represent the views of my people.

10:26am: MP Byarugaba Alex (Isingiro County South (NRM), says his people told him to amend the 102b and also reinstate term limits. He gives examples of his father who is 85 years but is still strong mentally and physically. He also uses the example of Female Youth legislator Anna Adeke whom he says at 30 years, she is articulate and deliberating well.

10:29am: Charles Ngabirano of Rwampara says his people want the amendment done quickly so that they do other things. “We are wasting too much time in politics, my people want us to concentrate on development.”

10:30am: Nsamba of Kasanda says that his people want no amendment and his will stand by it. Calls upon fellow NRM MPs to make a sacrifice and throw out the amendment. “Like the same veterans say they made a sacrifice, ours is today. Let us not succumb to the fear by the regime.”

11:34am: Theodore Ssekikibo of Lwemiyaga uses the epitome of Nelson Mandela who even after a long struggle settled for just one term. “Why are we hostages of Museveni? The country must move on,” he says.

11:38am: Kabaziguruka (Nakawa). My people of Nakawa told me not to support. I stand here to oppose it. Age is not part of discrimination.

11:45am: Joy Atim Ongom (Lira Woman MP): My people of Lira District say I should not touch it. “Term limits was not tested but it was removed, age limit is the only thing remaining. What we are about to do as a parliament is too discriminative where civil servants are retired, who are we to raise that of the president?”

10:54am: Elijah Okupa (Kasilo County). My people are concerned about the age limit. An old woman (about 78 years old) told me; “young man, there is no way you will say at 78 you will have stamina. My husband has no fire.. what are you going to do?”

BREAKING: Suspended MPs; Ssemujju, Munyagwa, Ssewanyana, Karuhanga are currently at Twed towers to sue speaker Rebecca Kadaga over suspending them illegally. Reports Esther Namutamba.

11:00am: Osege (Soroti) Not a single person in Soroti stood up and said we should amend the constitution.

11:04am: Kapyelebong MP: The people say we should never, never never touch the constitution. he is interrupted by other legislators who shout No No..then he stops and says: “These are my people, not yours.”

11:15am: Sizomu of Bungokho North (Mbale). The people are predominantly NRM, but none of them came to me and said go touch article 102b. The two amendments have all come to fit the interests of the incumbent.


11:19am: Karoro Okurut: Quotes the bible saying: “Anything can change, it is only the word of God that doesn’t.” She adds that only those that have gone to be with the Lord can not change their mind. So she justifies the amendment.

UPDATE: The filed petition by suspended MPs has been receive by court clerk Eyoma Francis.

11:28pm: Stephen Kisa, Luuka South MP; My people say they do not want me to waste any time, they say I should support the amendment immediately. I also support the extension of the tenure to seven years.

11:34am: Donozio Mugabe Ruhinda County MP: My people are asking why we took long to amend this article. In fact also the extension of tenure, they say that they are tired of going to elections every time.


Suspended MPs at court.

11:39am:  Gordon Tumwine Bafaki: The people of Kazo overwhelmingly support the amendment. My neighbour Ssekikubo had confused them that amending the constitution is dangerous, they understood and said: “We are going to touch it.”

11:48am: The people of Maracha East have refused, according to their MP James Acidri.

“How will the youth contest against the incumbent? The people of Maracha have also said age is a reality. The president is on record to having said he works for his family and he is not a servant of the people.”

11:54am: Hon Orot: (Kanyum County Kumi (NRM) When I consulted the people, they told me to come and touch art 102b.

11:58am: Syda Bumba (Nakaseke): My people want to see unlimited democracy which was fought for from their area. When I hear people say don’t touch, our constitution has been amended several times. It was amended when we were creating the position of the Leader of Opposition. I consulted and 99% supported the amendment.

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12:00pm: Ssemuli, Mubende Municipality MP: The voice of the people is the Voice of God, they said NO.

12:12pm: Evelyn Anite (Koboko MP): The people of Koboko said they can not imagine themselves going to the polling station without Museveni’s name on the ballot. They told me not only to touch the constitution but also to squeeze it. Even Odonga Otto will support this.

Minister Bahati said that the constitution has no thorns and should be touched, so did his people. MP Ameru of Amuriat says that her people refused to amend article 102b. Meanwhile Okello Oryem dismissed reports of secession and added, the amendment was proposed by his people.

12:40am: Elly Tumwine (UPDF): We found out that most of the people have been intimidated and threatened because of togikwatako. We assured them that they have freedom. There is no constitution which can not be amended.

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12:44pm: Kilak South MP Olanya: The time is coming for us to form our own nation. This time we have a very strong reason. Museveni said in Jinja that if you tamper with the constitution he would go to the bush. This time, we are splitting the country.

12:50pm: Hon Kasebante (Lubaga): As members of parliament we are duty bound to save Uganda from going into chaos. Some of us who come from Buganda that the turmoil then costed Buganda about 1m lives. My People say do not touch it.

UPDATE: Stella Nyanzi “Pair of buttocks”case flops again

13:00pm: Chaos outside parliament as suspended MPs with their lawyers; Eriasa Lukwago, Medard Lubega Ssegona appear at parliament to serve the speaker with a summons from court. Police will not allow them and they will not allow the police. We have an impasse.

13:20pm: Police has held Wilfred Nuwagaba (Shadow Attorney General), and Medard Lubega Ssegona.

EARLIER: Hon Odonga Otto (Aruu County): After this is passed, at an appropriate time, we will ask for a referendum to decide whether to stay as part of Uganda or not and then send our ambassador to Uganda.

13:28pm: Betty Amongi: In 1995 the people debated this article, I want to quote from Dr Kizza Besigye an NRA delegate by then:  We have said that power belongs to the people, we can only act when they are not around. We should respect the sovereignty of Uganda and I think we should not out the age limit here- he said.

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13:30pm: House adjourned.

Abala david ……

Cathbert abigaba …….yes

Abiriga ………………….. yes


Otim ………………………no


Adeke ann………………No

Adome Moses- No

Agaba Abas-  Yes

Akio Goreti- yes

Akamba Paul-

Akampurira Prossy- Yes

Akello Judith- No

Akello Lucy- No

Akello Lilly- Yes

Akello Sylvia-No

Akena James Micheal- No

Akol Anthony-

Akora Maxwel-

Akuguzibwe Lawrence- yes

Akurut violet- Yes

Arapel Margret- Yes,

Aleper- Yes

Ali Moses-Yes

Ariong Okiria-Yes

Agnes Amede-Yes

Arum- No

Amoding Monica- No

Among Anita- Yes

Amongi Betty- Yes

Amoding Jackline- Yes

Paul Amoru- Yes

Amule Doreen- Yes

Angura Fredrick-Yes

Anite Evelyn- Capital Yes

Amarach Joshua- No

Obbo Cyrus- No

Aol Betty Ochan- No

Gabriel Ajedra- Yes

Ariko Aba- Yes

Arinaitwe Rwakajara- Yes

Arinda Oddo- Yes

Asaba Paul- Yes

Asamu Hellen- Yes

Asiimwe Evelyn (UPDF)- Yes

Asiku- Yes

Atiku Bernard- No

Atim Beatrice Anywar- Yes for term limits

Ongom (Lira district)- No

Achan Stella- Yes

Cecilia Ogwal- No

Asinde Brenda- Yes


Aol Betty-Yes

Aleper Michael- Yes

Ayo Tony- Yes

Aziirwe Doroth- Yes

James Baba-Yes

Babirye Judith- Yes

Sarah Babirye (Youth central)- Yes

Veronica Babirye- Yes

Bafaki Gordon- Yes

Bagire Agrey- Yes

Bagole John – Yes

Kyenjonjo woman MP- Yes

David Bahati- Yes

Nambooze Bakireke- NO

Bakabulindi Charles- Yes

Moses Balyeku- Yes

Hanifa Kawooya- Yes

Kabale Munic MP- No

Chris Baryomunsi- Yes

Baseke Fred- Yes

Ategeka Lawrence-Yes

Bebona Karungi Joselyn- Yes

Nyendoha Norah- No

Hon Baguma: Yes Bahati: yes Nambooze: No Bakabukindi: yes Balyeku: yes Bangirana: yes Baryayanga: No Baryomunsi: Yes Batigeka: Yes Syda: Yes Bebona: Yes Bigirwa: No Bintu: Yes Birungi: yes Bitangalo: yes Bukenya M. Yes Burundo: Yes Butime: yes

Byandala- Yes; Byraugaba- Yes; Byekwaso Flavia- Yes; Frank Centenary- No; Evelyne Chemuta-No, Cheptoris Sam- Yes; Dhamuzungu Geoffrey: Yes, Baba Diri: Yes; Simon Dujang- Yes; Dulu Angel Mark-Absent; Musa Ecweru- Yes; Natume Edumu-Yes.

Isango Tom- No

Cosmas Eloku- Yes

Etuka Isaac- Yes

Lokas- No

Gafabusa Richard- Yes; Gume Ngobi- Yes; Nabeta Igeme; Yes; Fungaroo kaps: NO; Galabuzi Dennis: YES Bonahasa Franscis: NO; Charles Irukor; Yes; Isaac Musumba; Yes


Kafeero Ssekitoleko, Kafuzi Jackson both say yes: Kahunde Hellen-No;

Ephraim Kamuntu- Yes; Kamusiime Caroline- Yes; Kamusiime Peter-Yes; David Karuhanga-Yes; Matia Kasaija- Yes;

Kasozi- Yes, Kasolo- Yes, Kato Lubwama- No, Katoto- Yes, Katumba Wamala- Yes, Katuntu Abdu- No


Kiwanda- Yes; Moses Kizige- Yes.

Felix Kulayigye becomes the 4th UPDF MP to vote Yes. Koreta absent. But Pecos Kutesa makes it 5 with a YES.

Michael Mawanda yesterday said his people are against the age limit, today he has voted Yes, Raphael Magyezi also of Igara West said yes.

Esther Mbayo, the minister for Presidency and Luuka woman MP ( Busoga region) votes Yes. Margret Mbeiza (kaliro) Yes. Only one (Kibalya) from Busoga has so far voted NO.

Hon Masika: Yes Masiko: Yes Mawanda: yes Mayende: Yes Mbabali: yes Mbabazi: Yes Mbaju: No Taban: Yes Mbayo: yes Mbeisa: Yes Mbogo: Yes Mbwatekamwa: No Mirembe D. yes Mpuuga: No Mudukoi: yes Mugenyi: Yes Mugoya: yes Mugume: No Mugisa: yes Muheire: Yes

Hon Muheire: No Mukasa Opondo: No Muruli: yes Mukisa: yes Mukoda: Yes Mukula F. Yes Mulindwa: Yes Musana: yes Musasizi: yes Musoke P: yes Musoke R. Yes Mutebi D: yes Mutebi N: yes Mutonyi: yes Mutunzo: yes Kivumbi: yes Muyanja: no Muyingo K. Yes. Persis Namuganza; Yes

Nantaba run out of country because she does not support Bill- NRM Chief Whip

By Moses Namayo.

Government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa has spoken out on the 10 NRM legislators who have so far voted No to the lifting of the age cap for president Museveni.

Talking to the Nile Post, Nankabirwa said that she has compiled her notes showing the party has 3 groups categorized in A’ supporting the article which is 90 percent and the 10 so far opposing are in group B, and the NRM rebel group led by Theodore Ssekikubo in category C.

Nankabirwa said that she is optimistic that government will win but moved ahead to disclose that even Minister, Aida Nantaba run out of the country because she does support this bill.


Hon Namuyango: yes Nandala M. No Nankabirwa Ann: yes Nankabirwa Ruth: yes Nayebale: yes Ndamira: Yes Ndezi: Yes Ngabirano: Yes Ninsiima: Yes Ninjimana: No Nokrach: Yes Nsamba: No Nsereko: No Nsubuga: Yes Nyakecho: yes Nyira: Yes Nzoghu: No; Obiga Kania-Yes.

Hon Ruhunda: No Rwabushaija: Yes Rwabogo: No Rwakimari: Yes Rwakoojo: yes Rwamirama: yes Rwemulikya: Yes Sabiti: No Sebagala: No Seguya: yes Ssekindi: Yes Ssematimba: Yes Sselwani: yes Sizomu: no Soyeko: yes Sebikali: yes Sekabito: Yes Ssekandi: Yes

Hon Najuma: Yes Okumu: No Okupa: No Opio Sam: yes Olanya: No Olega: Yes Omony: yes Songa: yes Ongalo: Yes Onzima: yes Opolot Isiagi: yes Opolot yes Oryem: Yes Osegge: No Oseku: Yes Osolu: Yes Othieno: yes Makmot: yes Oula: yes Ouma: Yes Oyet: No.

Onek: Yes Obiga: yes Oboth: yes Obua: yes Ocheng: No Ochen: No Odongo JJ: Yes Odur Jack: yes Ogama: yes. Latigo: No Okot: No Oguzu: No Ogwang: yes Okabe: yes Okello Anthony: Yes. Okello Boni: Yes Okello P. C. Yes Oking: No Okonymoi: yes Okot Péter: no.

Hon Tumwine: Yes Tumwine Elly: yes Kebirungi: yes Tusiime: yes Twesigye: yes Twesigye M. Yes Twinamatsiko: Yes Majegere: yes Wakabi: Abstain Waluswaka: yes Wamala: yes Walyomu: yes Wamakuyu: yes Wetenga: yes Watongola: Yes Wetonga: yes Woboya: yes

Hon Sekikubo: No Sembatya: yes Sempala: No Ssempijja: yes Ssemuli: no Ssentongo R. No Sewungu: no Suubi: Yes Taaka: yes Amin: yes Takirwa: yes Timuzigu: no Tinkasimire: no Tumuhirwe: No Tumuramye: yes Tumusime: Yes Tumwwbaze: yes Tumwesigye: Yes

Hon Achieng: yes Achia: Yes Achidri: No Akamba: yes Akora: No Aol Jacqueline: yes Atuheire: yes Birawa: Abstain Bwino: yes Dulu: yes Kabagyenyi: yes Kalule: Yes Kyambadde: yes Migadde: No Nakawunde: No Ntende: yes Nabayiga: Yes.


2 abstained from voting.

97 voting against

317 voting for.

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