LIVE: Age Limit debate

Nelson Bwire Kapo


Posted by Nile Post on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12:00pm: Once again the age limit Bill is not on the order paper, it appears as business to follow. This however does not rule out the fact that the order papers can be amended.

15:00pm: Speaker walks into chambers and the plenary starts, she begins by delivering a communication from the chair but is interrupted by Hon Elijah Okupa who wants to raise a matter of national interest…..

“I got a call from Kasilo that the solar batteries meant for one of the health centres were lost. I would like the RDC of Serere to charged in regard to the loss of solar batteries at the health centre in Kasilo,” he says.

15:05pm: Meanwhile another matter is raised by Kamuli Municipality MP Rehema Watongola, she says government should put humps on Kamuli road, Kadaga reaffirms her plea and UNRA is asked to speed up the process. But Ssegona is not happy, he accuses government of not listening.

15:10pm: Meanwhile Francis Mwijukya wants answers as to why Red Pepper publication editors and directors are still in prison and the publication closed. Ssegona interjects and adds; “This is impunity.”

15:30pm: Charles Angiro claims that certain army men have been following him, he begs for protection. “They have raided my village, my life is in danger.”

15:40pm: The house starts debate on the Biofuels Bill, legislators start walking out, Kadaga orders them back. This will be a quick process, several clauses being rushed and amended without any serious debate.

16:26pm: The Biofuels Bill still on the floor.

Meanwhile the IGP, Gen Kale Kayihura was earlier spotted at the parliament premises, he refused to reveal the reason for his presence.

16:55pm: Francis Mwijukye is now making case for freedom of the press. He says that disturbing the peace of the President is a strange case, he calls for the release of the Red Pepper editors and directors.

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