Gen Muntu: Time will tell whether I am a mole

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Outgoing Forum for Democratic Change president Maj.Gen Mugisha Muntu has scoffed at party officials and  supporters who label him an NRM mole saying with time, the truth will come out.

Muntu was last week defeated as FDC party president by former Kumi Member of Parliament Patrick Amuriat ending the latter’s five year leadership of the biggest opposition party.

Some people in FDC have popularised the talk that Muntu is an NRM mole sent to destabilise the party.

Speaking during the hand over of office at Najjanankumbi on Friday, Muntu said that he has continued to get reports of being labeled a mole.

“I love time because it is the best judge because it cannot discriminate, “Muntu said.

“Let us  all wait for passage of time and it will tell.”

Muntu who describes himself as moderate leader who works in the open to build systems has always been accused of not embracing the defiance campaign started by opposition strongman Dr.Kizza Besigye.

This has on a number of occasions brought him into collision with the four time presidential candidate.

However, Muntu said that he will always be open in his methods of work adding that the country has in the past shed a lot of blood which he said ought to be avoided.

“Whatever we sow is what the country will get.We can’t heal the country unless we heal ourselves.”

He said that there is need to heal the problems of the country and this he said can only be done not through defiance .

He assured the new leadership that they can work together despite having different ideologies.

“It is not only enemies who separate ways.My hope is that we can still move together in one direction,” Muntu said.

He added: “Be careful with some of the people you are going to work with within the party.They will tell you that I am a mole but time will tell.”

He added that he will continue fighting against President Museveni’s government until FDC takes power.


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