This is not the time for amending the constitution- Mbabazi

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Ms Jacqueline Mbabazi, the wife to former Prime Minister and 2016 presidential candidate has rallied Ugandans not to allow the age limit amendment.

Ms Mbabazi and her husband were chief guests at a thanksgiving function for Kihihi businesswoman Loy Kininga also known as ‘Maama Kyama’ at St.Andrews Church of Uganda, Kihihi Archdeaconry.

Jacqueline Mbabazi who has for long been silent following some sickness rallied the people of Kinkizi West not to allow amendment of the constitution so as to lift the age limit.

The age limit bill intends to lift the lower and upper age limits from 35 and 75 respectively for a presidential candidate in the Constitution.

She told the locals that this is not the right time to change the Constitution because the country has a lot of problems that need to be dealt with urgently other than lifting of the age limit.

“You have a lot of problems but don’t be tempted by the little money they will give you to start singing ‘Mugikwateho,”she said.

“This is not time for amending the constitution. It should be time to ask for good schools, good roads and good hospitals. Ask them why the rate of deaths during birth are high. Ask why children below five years die.”

She however thanked God for healing her from the illness that almost cost her life, adding that it was because of God’s grace that she is still alive.

“My work is to praise God for giving me another chance of life.It is God’s grace and Mbabazi(husband) that healed me,”she said.

Meanwhile, the former right hand to president Museveni (Amama Mbabazi), who has been silent since last year’s presidential elections avoided speaking about the age limit despite his wife being vocal about the topic.

“I have started agriculture. I rear cows, goats and local chicken,”Mbabazi told the congregation.

He however promised to let out his views about the ongoing  issues in the country especially the age limit bill  known at an appropriate time but noted that never at any time would he  divert form the principals that led them go in the bush.

It was reported early this year that government footed the medical expenses incurred by Jacqueline Mbabazi to the tune of Shs471 million after being flown to London in United Kingdom last year.


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