DSTV cuts subscription rates

Nassali Fatiah

Nassali Fatiah

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The current economic hiccups have not speared the pay TV dealers. Multichoice, the South-African owned company has been forced to cut their subscription rate for DSTV to enable them survive the storm.
While speaking to the media at their offices in Kololo, Charles Hamya the Managing Director Multichoice Uganda noted that the reductions aim at maintaining their subscribers even in hard times.

After the end of the DSTV monopoly, the pay TV market opened for those with the best offers to the customers which prompted DSTV to lower their prices as competition kept on growing.


Premium Ugx 287,250 Ugx 280,000 2.52%
Compact plus Ugx 190,700 Ugx 180,000 5.61%
Compact Ugx 121,600 Ugx 115,000 5.43%
Family Ugx 66,750 Ugx 60,000 10.11%
Access Ugx 38,000 Ugx 33,000 13.16%

“We recognise that currently, our customers are living in tough economic times and we needed to respond by suiting their needs’ Hamya said.
Hamya adds that the change starts November 1 and will remain unless a positive change in the economy is registered.
And following the recent price reduction, DSTV Uganda has seen the number of its subscribers grow to approximately 200,000 this year.

“We have kept on reducing our prices but it is good for us since the number of subscribers has grown,” Hamya said.



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