Kabaka calls for consensus between leaders, citizens

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The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has said there should not be intimidation of ordinary people by their leaders for the former to engage in community service or Bulungi Bwansi.

Instead, said Buganda’s 35th monarch, there should be consensus between the two groups.

The Kabaka made the remarks on Sunday while presiding over a function climaxing the Bulungi bwansi week at Old Kampala Secondary School playground.

Buganda Kingdom partnered with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) for this year’s Bulungi bwansi activities.

Mutebi said there is a lot that can be achieved with less money if there is consensus and engagement between citizens and leaders on Bulungi bwansi.

Through Bulungi bwansi activities, the Kabaka said there can be change of peoples’ lives and development of Kampala.

Mutebi applauded Kampala people for taking part in this year’s events week but asked them to spend more time doing community service.

Bulungi bwansi is a cultural and social cherished programme, through which Baganda are mobilised to participate in communal activities.

The Kampala Bulungi bwansi week, he said has showed that when people agree to participate in voluntary community service, there can be development of the city and the country at large.

He said all families should have toilets as a means of avoiding diseases that may arise when they don’t have them.

The Kabaka thanked KCCA for developmental work being done around the city.

On October 7, Mutebi visited KCCA Kyanja Agricultural Resource Centre, an urban agriculture resource centre in Nakawa Division.

The Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga also thanked KCCA for installing solar lights on the road that leads to Kabaka’s Palace in Banda.

However, Mayiga said he doesn’t want to see potholes on that road.

He also thanked the city authority for beautifying Kabaka’njagala Road.

The road connects Mengo Palace and Bulange, the headquarters of the Kingdom administration.

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